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[Coupon] 1$ Web hosting from HostWinds

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Founded a little less than two years ago, in 2010, HostWinds has become a big deal in the dedicated server hosting industry in a relatively short time. That’s because the company offers a commitment to price and excellent service that even the most established web hosting brands can’t seem to match on a consistent basis. Their adherence to a philosophy that every dedicated server must be custom-built (and custom-priced) by the company means that they can easily meet the demands of novice users as well as business customers with more advanced needs and more demanding web applications. HostWinds is a great choice for customers looking to save money and develop their own solution to common web hosting requirements.

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A Custom-Built Approach to Dedicated Server Hosting

Most companies in the dedicated server business offer a few tiers of service, allow their customers to select from one of a few different Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron processors, and they call it a day. There’s really no room for much flexibility with a good number of these web hosting companies, and that’s much to the detriment of the average consumer who doesn’t have the kind of needs and requirements that can be neatly packaged into pre-determined plans.

That’s not an issue at HostWinds, which offers exactly zero tiers of service to dedicated server shoppers. Instead, they offer a base server configuration that starts at $80 per month and then they encourage their customers to add to the server’s hardware and capabilities as they require it. The company’s base server specifications are not listed on the website, making them somewhat of a mystery, but chatting with a company representative will begin the process of learning about this standard configuration and how it might be improved.

That being said, there are several options available to every HostWinds customer, regardless of whether or not they’e choosing a dedicated server. First and foremost, this includes robust data allotments (often of several terabytes per month), a choice between Linux and Windows Server operating environments, and a combination of great customer support and reliable levels of uptime.

The Uptime Guarantee and Other Promises at HostWinds

Dedicated server customers at HostWinds get access to some of the best customer guarantees in the industry. For new customers, the company offers a 60 day money-back guarantee on all of their products. If a new HostWinds user finds that the company simply doesn’t live up to their standards or requirements, they can take their business elsewhere and notify a customer service representative of their discontent. They’ll receive their full 60 days’ worth of hosting charges returned to them upon dong so. This is paired with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on dedicated server and other products; customers who experience a major problem can take their issues directly to the company’s CEO and have them addressed immediately.

This commitment to service is paired with a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee on all dedicated server products and other technologies offers by HostWinds. The company is pretty precise when it comes to offering refunds for downtime. Those customers who have experienced 43.8 minutes or more of downtime in one month are entitled to a prorated refund on their next month’s hosting charges.

Great Customer Support, Too

Whether it’s a live chat or a toll-free customer service phone number, HostWinds offers great customer outreach services. Their website also allows for self-service billing and account features management, and the company has a priority-based ticketing system for support and maintenance requests. A community of forums is provided to new and existing users for self-support and HostWinds can be reached via Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus social networking accounts.

Custom-Built Servers are the Way to Go

The point of a dedicated server is to give access to raw power and flexibility, and that’s exactly what HostWinds offers with its focus on custom solutions. The company is approachable, highly accountable, and very affordable, and that’s the right mix of platitudes to make choosing their dedicated server approach a no-brainer.

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