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Efficiency in handling stakeholder inquiries

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Every organization has to contend with requests for information from the public. Consequently, there ought to be a means to listen to the opinions of these people and respond to them should there be a need. This requires proper organization so that every concern is handled as it comes. For government authorities and any other body that the public relies on for direction and administration, this need cannot be ignored. Usually, there are manual ways of handling such information. They may simply be jotted down to await a response. However, the result with this is that records may be lost leading to dissatisfaction of people.

There is software that helps authorities keep track of any kind of communication that comes from the public. FOI software has revolutionized the dissemination of information that people may be in need of from the relevant bodies. This software allows for an easy clarification on all the issues raised by the public. To avoid inconveniencing a person, the software displays the dates of responses that are due. In this manner, the staff can deliver their feedback in a timely fashion. Moreover, the software enables the company to keep a contact list of all those who sought any kind of information. It easily captures every detail about a request that was made. In this way, request details are not mixed up.

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Also, the software displays all there is in the status of the issue. If the situation at hand has not been completely responded to, the system is able to show the information that was sought but whose response was not given. It alerts the user on issues that he may have left out in the feedback. Consequently, when the other party is not sufficiently satisfied, whoever is concerned gets to know of this.

All information concerning a request is easily availed. When there is need to review a certain issue, you get to view every detail concerning the initial request that was made. If it was a complaint, all the details concerning it can be easily placed so that whatever progress is made it can be easily appended to. In this way, it is also easy to analyst the manner of issues being raised concerning the company or government department and even change operations for the better. It also generates an analysis of the nature of information that was sought. These analysis may sometimes be needed by government agencies.

The image of any agency or organization is important. When there are poor methods of handling issues raised by members of the public, the reputation of whatever institution it is gets to be severely damaged. There are many opportunities posed by FOIsoftware that will boost the relationship between the entity and the general public. Every institution ultimately will have to contend with external influences. Appropriate ways of handling these concerns will lead to a good image. The need to have competent means of responding to issues in any organization is ever so important. Good communication helps to build a good reputation.


Emma Brown is a freelance writer and blogger with an interest in Public Relations. Her interest has led her to investigate different technologies in the field including FOI Software.

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