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FREE ebooks: The collection of construction, environment, architect… ebooks for enginerrs

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These collection of ebooks for enginerrs on emvironment, construction, Geotechnical, …

Collection 9

50-The Architect, the Cook and Good Taste-Petra Hagen Hodgson Rolf Toyka-376437621X-Springer-2007.pdf
51-International Residential Code 2006- Softcover Version (International Residential Code)-Intern.pdf
51-Lubricants and Hydraulic Fluids.pdf

51-Manual for the Design of Reinforced Concrete Building Structures-ICE-Intitution Of Structural .pdf
51-Map-based Mobile Services – Theories, Methods and Implementations-Liqiu Meng Alexander Zipf Tu.pdf
51-Numerical Modelling in Geomechanics-Manuel Pastor Claudio Tamagnini-1903996422-ISTE Publishing.djv
51-Strategic Highway Research – Saving Lives, Reducing Congestion, Improving Quality of Life-(U.S.pdf
51-Structural Vibration, Analysis and Damping-C. Beards-0340645806-Butterworth Heinemann-1996-276.pdf
51-UXL Encyclopedia of Water Science, Volume 1 Science-K. Lee Lerner Brenda Wilmoth Lerner-078767.pdf
52-Los Angeles Houses (scan)-Cristina Montes-3823855948-Te Neues Publishing Company-2002-380 Page.pdf
52-Manual of Ready-Mixed Concrete-R Anderson-0751400793-Routledge-1998-256 Pages-$216.pdf
52-Problem Solving in Soil Mechanics-Ali Aysen-9058095312-Taylor & Francis-2003-192 Pages-$333.pdf
52-UXL Encyclopedia of Water Science, Volume 2 Economics and Uses-K. Lee Lerner Brenda Wilmoth Le.pdf
53-Experimental Unsaturated Soil Mechanics-Tom Schanz-3540698728-Springer-2007-494p-$412.pdf
53-Greening the Industrial Facility – Perspectives, Approaches, and Tools-Thomas E. Graedel Jenni.pdf
53-Monitoring and Assessment of Structures-G.s.t. Armer-0419237704-Spon Press-2003-144 Pages-$173.pdf
53-Monitoring Well Design, Installation, and Documentation at Hazardous Toxic, and Radioactive Wa.pdf
53-Promoting Community Resilience in Disasters – The Role for Schools, Youth, and Families-Kevin .pdf
53-Security and Safety in Los Angeles High Rise Building After 9-11-Rae Archibald-0833031848-RAND.pdf
53-UXL Encyclopedia of Water Science, Volume 3 Issues-K. Lee Lerner Brenda Wilmoth Lerner-0787676.pdf
54-Microbiology of Waterborne Diseases – Microbiological Aspects and Risks-Steven Percival Martha.pdf
54-Private Mansions-Wim Pauwels-9077213236-Beta Plus-2005-228p-$130.djvu
54-Water Purification using Heat Pumps-F A Holl-0419247106-Taylor & Francis-2005-200 Pages-$300.pdf
55-Wastewater Pathogens (Wastewater Microbiology)-Michael H. Gerardi Mel C. Zimmerman-047120692X-.pdf
55-Working Drawings Handbook, 4th Edition-Keith Styles Andrew Bichard-0750663723-Architectural Pr.pdf
56-Industrial Water Treatment – Refining, Petrochemicals and Gas Processing Techniques(scan)-Cord.pdf
56-Pavement Criteria for Seasonal Frost Conditions – Mobilization Construction.pdf
56-Scattering, Natural Surfaces, and Fractals-Giorgio Franceschetti Daniele Riccio-0122656555-Aca.pdf
57-NFPA 25, Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection .pdf
57-Planning and Design of Hydroelectric Power Plant Structures.pdf
57-Rare Earth Elements in Groundwater Flow Systems (Water Science and Technology Library)-Karen H.pdf
58-Encyclopedia of Wood (The Art of Woodworking)-Time Life Books-0809499169-Time Life Books-1999-.djv
58-Structural Details in Concrete-M. Y. H. Bangash-063202853X-Blackwell Science-1992-260 Pages-$8.pdf
59-Innovations in Design & Decision Support Systems in Architecture and Urban Planning-Jos P. Van.pdf
59-NFPA 72 – National Fire Alarm Code, 2002-9992095881-NFPA-2002-$112.pdf
59-The Architect’s Guide to Running a Practice-David Littlefield-0750660996-Architectural Press-2.pdf
60-Sensing Issues in Civil Structural Health Monitoring-Farhad Ansari-1402036604-Springer-2005-52.pdf
60-Soil Mechanics – Basic Concepts and Engineering Applications-Ali Aysen-9058093581-Taylor & Fra.djv
60-UHPC,Ultra High Performance Concrete. International Symposium on UHPC, Sep 15 2004-M.Schmidt,E.pdf
60-Uniform Building Code 1997 Vol2 – Structural Engineering Design Provisions-International Code .pdf
61-Plasticity and Geotechnics-Hai-Sui Yu J. B. Burland-0387335978-Springer-2006-524p-$417.pdf
61-Precast Concrete – Materials, Manufacture, Properties and Usage-M. Levitt-0853349940-Chapman &.pdf
61-Railroads – Mobilization Construction.pdf
61-River Mechanics-Pierre Y. Julien-0521529700-Cambridge University-2003-456p-$117.pdf
62-Nonlinear Mechanics of Reinforced Concrete (scan)-K. Maekawa-0415271266-Taylor & Francis-2003-.pdf
62-Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams-F.k. Kong-0216926955-Routledge-2003-304 Pages-$400.pdf
62-Riverbank Filtration – Improving Source-Water Quality-C. Ray G. Melinr R.B. Linsky-1402011334-.pdf
63-Open Channel Hydraulics (scan)-Terry W. Sturm-0070624453-McGraw Hill-2001-500p-$255.pdf
63-Pile Design and Construction Practice-Micha Tomlinson-0419184503-TF,TAYLOR-2004-432 Pages-$412.pdf
63-Removal of Underground Storage Tanks.pdf
64-NFPA 170 (Standard For Fire Safety Symbols)2002 Edition-NFPA-IHS Inc.-2004-45p-$100.pdf
64-Reservoir Water Quality Analysis.pdf

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Ebooks 50 – 64 

Password: fanni

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Collection 10

64-Open-Channel Hydraulics (scan)-Richard H. H. French-0070221340-McGraw-Hill-1985-700p-$219.pdf
64-Wood as an Engineering Material.pdf
65-Ortho’s All About Additions (Ortho’s All about Planning and Building)-Ortho-0897215095-Ortho-2.djv
65-Response Spectra and Seismic Analysis for Concrete Hydraulic Structures.pdf
65-Upscaling Multiphase Flow in Porous Media – From Pore to Core and Beyond-D.B. Das S.M. Hassani.pdf
66-Earthquake Early Warning Systems-Paolo Gasparini Gaetano Manfredi Jochen Zschau-3540722408-Spr.pdf
66-Engineering and Design – SLOPE STABILITY-US Army Corps of Engineers-US Army-2003-205p-$44.pdf
66-Physical Geodesy-Bernhard Hofmann Wellenhof Helmut Moritz-3211235841-Springer-2005-403 Pages-$.pdf
66-Rigid Pavements for Roads, Streets, Walks and Open Storage Areas – Mobilization Construction.pdf
66-Theory of Bridge Aerodynamics-Einar Strxmmen-354030603X-Springer-2006-251 page-$310.pdf
66-UXL – Encyclopedia of Landforms and Other Geologic Features.pdf
67-Earthquake Source Asymmetry, Structural Media and Rotation Effects-Roman Teisseyre Eugeniusz M.pdf
67-International Fire Code 2006 -International Code Council-1580012558-Thomson Delmar Learning-20.pdf
67-Landscaping – Planning, Planting, Building (Better Homes and Gardens(R) – Step-by-Step Series).pdf
67-River Hydraulics.pdf
67-Water Privatisation (Trans-National Corporations and the Re-Regulation of the Water Industry)-.pdf
68-Economic Geology of Natural Gas Hydrate-Michael D. Max Arthur H. Johnson William P. Dillon-140.pdf
68-Making Concrete Garden Ornaments-Sherri Warner Warner Hunter-1579903185-Lark-2002-144p-$105.pdf
68-Roller-Compacted Concrete .pdf
69-Reinforced Concrete, Analysis and Design (scan)-S. S. Ray-0632037245-Blackwell Science-1994-57.pdf
69-Runoff from Snowmelt .pdf
69-Stability of Structures – Elastic, Inelastic, Fracture, and Damage Theories-Zdenek P. Bazant L.djv
70-Pvc Pipe-Design and Installation (AWWA MANUAL OF WATER SUPPLY PRACTICES-M23,2nd Ed.)-AWWA-1583.pdf
70-Safety – Radiation Protection Manual.pdf
70-The Essential Guide to Framing (Home Building & Remodeling Basics)-Editors of JLC the Journal .pdf
71-Explanatory Materials to Code of Practice for the Structural Use of Steel 2005-Hong Kong Build.pdf
71-Planetary geology – a teacher’s guide with activities in physical and earth sciences-NASA-B000.pdf
71-Small Wastewater Systems.pdf
71-Topological Methods in Hydrodynamics,2nd Edition (Applied Mathematical Sciences)-Vladimir I. A.pdf
72-Landscaping – Planning, Planting, Building (Step-by-Step Series)-Better Homes and Gardens-0696.pdf
72-Soil Engineering Testing, Design, and Remediation_Fu Hua Chen_0849322944_CRC – 1999_304 Pages_.pdf
72-The Complete Book Of Underground Houses (How To Build A Low Cost Home)-Rob Roy-0806907282-Ster.pdf
72-The Ozone Layer – A Philosophy of Science Perspective-Maureen Christie-0521650720-Cambridge Un.pdf
73-Design of Masonry Structures-A. W. Hendry-0419215603-Taylor & Francis-2004-272 Pages-$157.pdf
73-Reinforced Concrete Designer’s Handbook, 10th Ed.-C.E. Reynolds C.E. Reynolds J. Steedman-0419.pdf
73-Soil Stabilization for Pavements – Mobilization Construction.pdf
73-The Biogeochemistry of Submerged Soils-Guy Kirk-0470863013-Wiley-2004-304 Pages-$210.pdf
74-Tsunamis and Hurricanes – A Mathematical Approach-Ferdinand Cap-3211331581-Springer-2007-207 P.pdf
75-Physical Geology of High level Magmatic Systems (Geological Society Special Publication)-Breit.pdf
75-Principles of Sediment Transport in Rivers, Estuaries and Coastal Seas-Leo C van Rijn-90800356.pdf
75-Recommended Seismic Design Criteria for New Steel Moment-Frame Buildings(FEMA-350)-SEAOC-Calif.pdf
75-Standard Practice for Concrete Pavements – Mobilization Construction.pdf
75-The Earth Inside and Out – Some Major Contributions to Geology in the Twentieth Century (Geolo.djv
76-Storage Depots – Mobilization Construction.pdf
77-Structural Deformation Surveying.pdf
77-The Architecture of Modern Italy, Volume II-Terry Kirk-1568984367-Princeton Architectural Pres.pdf
77-The Effects of Advanced Materials on Airframe Operating and Support Costs-Raj Raman-0833032976.pdf
78-Stairs – Scale-Silvio San Pietro P. Gallo-8876851194-IPS-2002-240 Pages-$300.pdf
78-Structural Design and Evaluation of Outlet Works .pdf
78-The Architecture of Modern Italy, Volume I-Terry Kirk-1568984200-Princeton Architectural Press.pdf
79-Structural Design of Closure Structures for Local Flood Protection Projects .pdf
80-Drought and Water Crises – Science, Technology and Management Issues-Donald A. Wilhite-0824727.pdf
80-Structural Design of Concrete Lined Flood Control Channels.pdf
80-Using the Building Regulations – Administrative Procedures-Mike Billington-0750662573-Elsevier.pdf
81-The Science and Applications of Acoustics 2nd Edition-Daniel R. Raichel-0387260625-Springer-20.pdf
81-Using the Building Regulations, Part C – Site Preparation & resistance to contaminants & moist.pdf
82-Steel Designers’ Manual,6th Edition-Steel Construction Institute Staff-1405134127-Blackwell Pu.pdf
83-Reliability-based Structural Design-Seung Kyum Choi Ramana V. Grandhi Robert A. Canfield-18462.pdf
83-Spatial Analysis and GeoComputation-Manfred M. Fischer-3540357297-Springer-2006-336 Pages-$223.pdf

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Ebooks 64 – 83 

Password: fanni

Collection 11

83-The American Practical Navigator (Bowditch)-Nathaniel Bowditch National Imagery and Mapping Ag.pdf
83-Vulnerability of Cities – Natural Disasters and Social Resilience-Mark Pelling-1853838306-Eart.pdf
85-Rock Joints – The Mechanical Genesis-Georg Mandl-3540245537-Springer-2005-222p-$205.pdf
85-Tall Building Structures – Analysis and Design (scan)-Bryan Stafford Smith Alex Coull-04715123.pdf
86-Handbook of Structural Steelwork, 3rd Edition-British Constructional Steelwork Ass.-1859421334.pdf
86-Strategic Airport Planning-Robert E. Caves G.D. Gosling-0080427642-Elsevier,Pergamon -1999-468.pdf
86-The Art of Gothic – Gotik-Elke Schroder-3833110384-Konemann im Tandem-2005-523p-$101.djvu
86-Thermodynamics of Natural Systems, 2nd Edition-G. M. Anderson-0521847729-Cambridge University .pdf
87-San Simeon Earthquake – Performance Of Public School Buildings-Division Of The State Architect.pdf
87-Theoretical and Numerical Unsaturated Soil Mechanics-Tom Schanz-3540698752-Springer-2007-235p-.pdf
87-Tidal Hydraulics .pdf
88-Seismic hazard – UK continental shelf 2002 OFFSHORE TECHNOLOGY REPORT-HSE-0717623351-HSE-2002-.pdf
88-Topographic Surveying.pdf
89-New Hotels-Alejandro Bahamon-0060544694-HarperCollins Publishers-2003-330p-$351.pdf
89-The Art of Precast Concrete – Colour, Texture, Expression-David Bennett-3764371501-Springer-20.pdf
89-Water Conservation, Reuse, and Recycling – Proceedings of an Iranian-American Workshop-Nationa.pdf
90-Wastewater Bacteria (Wastewater Microbiology)-Michael H. Gerardi-0471206911-Wiley-2006-272 Pag.pdf
91-Semi-Riemannian Geometry and General Relativity-S.Sternberg_2003_251s-$40.pdf
91-Water Pollution Control – A Guide to the Use of Water Quality Management Principles-Richard He.pdf
92-Tips & Traps for Remodeling Your Kitchen-R. Dodge Woodson-0071445862-McGrawHill-2005-224 Pages.pdf
92-Wind Loading of Structures-J.d. Holmes-041924610X-Taylor & Francis-2001-336 Pages-$302.pdf
92-Wooden Toys and Crafts (Art of Woodworking)-Time Life Books-0809495295-Time Life Books-1995-14.djv
93-Multiunit Housing (Architectural Design)-Carles Broto-8492160640-Books Nippan-1997-239 Pages-$.pdf
93-Topological Fixed Point Theory of Multivalued Mappings,2nd Edition (Topological Fixed Point Th.pdf
95-Paleomagnetism – Magnetic Domains to Geologic Terranes-Robert F. Butler-086542070X-Blackwell S.pdf
96-The Death of Fashion – The Passage Rite of Fashion in the Show Window-Harald Grundl EOOS-32114.pdf
96-Water Science Fair Projects – Using Ice Cubes, Super Soakers, and Other Wet Stuff (Chemistry! .pdf
97-Geological Atlas of Africa – With Notes on Stratigraphy, Tectonics, Economic Geology, Geohazar.pdf
97-Theory of Seismic Imaging-John Alan Scales-354059051X-Springer-1995-291p-$264.pdf
98-Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering – 4th International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical .pdf
98-Guidelines on Strategic Planning and Management of Water Resources-Douglas Webster United Nati.pdf
98-WSUD Water Sensitive Urban Design Engineering Procedures – Stormwater-Melbourne Water-06430909.pdf
99-Encyclopedia of Hydrological Sciences (5 Volume set)-Malcolm G. Anderson-0471491039-Wiley-2006.pdf
99-Ultimate Restaurant Design-Paco Asencio-3823845950-teNeues Publishing Company-2004-528p-np.pdf

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Ebooks 83 – 99 

Password: fanni

Collection 12

99-Measuring, Monitoring and Modeling Concrete Properties-Maria S. Konsta Gdoutos-1402051034-Spri.pdf

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Ebooks of collection 12

Password: fanni

Collection 13

004-Handbook of Offshore Engineering, Volume 1-Subrata Chakrabarti-0080445683-Elsevier-2005-666p-$400
005-Handbook of Offshore Engineering, Volume 2-Subrata Chakrabarti-0080445691-Elsevier-2005-600p-$400
01-Aerial Mapping_Methods and Applications 2nd Ed_Edgar Falkner Dennis Morgan_216s_CRC Press_2001_156
01-Bridge Engineering – Construction and Maintenance-W.F. Chen Lian Duan-0849316847-CRC-2003-256p-$20
01-Corrosion of Steel in Concrete – Prevention, Diagnosis, Repair-Pietro Pedeferri R.B.Polder L.Berto
01-Earthquake Risk Reduction-David J. Dowrick-047149688X-Wiley-2003-520 Pages-$214
02-Handbook of Structural Engineering-Chen Wai-Fah-0849326745-CRC Press-1999-1600 P-$240
02-Principles of Structural Design-Wai Fah Chen E M Lui-0849372356-CRC Press-2006-$200
03-Aeration – Principles and Practice (Water Quality Management Library)-James Mueller William C. Boy
03-Cold Formed Steel Design, 3rd Edition-Wei Wen Yu-0471348090-Wiley-2000-848 Pages-$219
03-Concrete Bridge Engineering – Performance and Advances-R. J. Cope-1851661107-Routledge-2004-360 Pa
03-Evaluation of Fire Safety-D. Rasbash G. Ramachandran B. Kandola J. Watts M. Law-0471493821-Wiley-2
03-FEMA-353 Recommended Specifications and Quality Assurance Guidelines for Steel Moment
03-Problems in Water Distribution – Solved,Explained and Applied-Y.Koby Cohen-1587160951-CRC-2002-264
04-Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete_R.N. Swamy_0-203-03663-8_352s_1991_300usd
04-Breakwaters and Closure Dams_K. DAngremond F. C. van Roode_0415332567_Spons Architecture_2004_70D
04-Computer Modelling of Concrete Mixtures-Joe Dewar-0419230203-Taylor Francis-2002-256 Pages-$247
04-Design of Offshore Concrete Structures-O.T. Gudmestad-0419243208-Taylor & Francis-2000-232p-$408
04-Fire Retardant Materials-A.R. Horrocks D. Price-1855734192-Woodhead Publishing-2001-320 Pages-$402
04-Formulas for Stress, Strain, and Structural Matrices ,2nd Edition-Walter D. Pilkey-0471032212-Wile
04-Fundamentals of Biological Wastewater Treatment-Udo Wiesmann In Su Choi Eva-Maria Dombrowski-35273
04-Geotechnical Engineering Investigation Handbook, 2nd Edition-Roy E. Hunt-0849321824-CRC-2005-1088p
04-Handbook of Analytic Techniques in Concrete Science and Technology (Building Materials Series)-V.S
04-Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations-Tyler G. Hicks-0070288143-McGraw Hill-2000-800 Pages-$2
04-Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Structures (Using Externally-Bonded FRP Composites in Structu
04-Structural Grouts-P. Domone-0751400971-Taylor Francis-2003-222 Pages-$341
05-Conceptual Modeling for Traditional and Spatio-Temporal Applications – The MADS Approach-Christine
05-Concrete Materials (Problems and solutions)-Dr Mauri Levitt-0419216901-Taylor Francis-2003-127 Pag
05-Earthquake Engineering Handbook-Wai-Fah Chen-0849300681-CRC-2002-1512 Pages-$419-np
05-Ecological Effects of Waste Water – Applied Limnology and Pollutant Effects, 2nd Edition-E.B. Welc
05-Eurocode 8, Design of structures for earthquake resistance
05-Industrial Fire Protection Handbook, 2nd Edition(1 chapter is missed)-R. Craig Schroll-1587160587

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Ebooks of collection 13

Password: fanni


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