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[Freeware] Comitari Web Protection Suite – Protect yourself from web session theft

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Comitari welcomes you to the next generation of Web Security solutions – protecting you in real-time as you surf the web, from within your browser applications.  Comitari does not rely on blacklists but rather uses patent-pending algorithms that cover 0-day phishing and identity theft attempts – and is the only solution of its kind in the market today. Offering complete protection against client-side attacks, identity theft and online frauds, Comitari Web Protection Suite is a complementary must to existing End Point Security and Web Gateway solutions.

freeware, antivirus, security, Identity theft, Phishing & pharming, Trojans Horses, Key Strokes Loggers, Man In The Browser, Session riding attacks (CSRF, aka XSRF), Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks, ClickJacking (and UI Redressing), LikeJacking, Buffer Overflow (browser & plugin exploits), File Stealing, Web site impersonation, User impersonation, Intranet network equipment attacks, DNS rebinding

What does Comitari protect you from?

Identity theft, Phishing & pharming, Trojans Horses, Key Strokes Loggers, Man In The Browser, Session riding attacks (CSRF, aka XSRF), Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks, ClickJacking (and UI Redressing), LikeJacking, Buffer Overflow (browser & plugin exploits), File Stealing, Web site impersonation, User impersonation, Intranet network equipment attacks, DNS rebinding.


Comitari Web Protection Suite provides complete protection against client-side attacks, identity theft and online frauds and is a complementary to existing End Point Security and Web Gateway solutions:

  • Keep your personal data safe: Comitari’s security engine identifies phishing web sites and prevents the user from typing-in sensitive data.
  • Protect yourself from web session theft: Comtiari’s session inspection engine prevents the browser from performing unintended transactions.
  • Make sure you are performing only what you intended to do: Comitari’s security engine inspects user behavior and prevents attempts to make him perform unwanted actions.
  • Prevent the compromise of your machine (remote code execution): Comitari’s Protection Suite constantly searches for buffer overflow attempts, preventing attackers from taking over the computer.
  • Keep your personal files safe: Comitari’s files system sandbox engine prevents files stealing from local machine and network shares by malicious web pages.

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