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[Freeware] ToolWiz BSafe – a smart and powerful personal encryption system

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ToolWiz BSafe is an easy-to-use personal encryption system, enabling professional and novice users to effectively protect their precious data. By simply inputting the right password, a user mounts and opens a virtual safe and works with it like a regular drive. Files within a virtual safe are instantly encrypted on-the-fly. When a user closes the virtual safe, all virtual drives instantly are dismounted and the virtual safes are closed and encrypted.

ToolWiz BSafe is a smart and powerful personal encryption system. It encrypts your data with AES 256 which is one of the best business encryption algorithm. You can fully trust it and put your important files in the virtual safe. It has many built-in security logic to protect your private, such as burning all the passwords you have input in the RAM at once to prevent any password hijacking.

Create New Safe A safe is a virtual encrypted disk within a file and you can mount it as a real disk. With ToolWiz BSafe, you can create as many virtual safes as you want in the system. By clicking the button Create New Safe, you will see the Safe Creation Wizward. First, you need to choose a file to save the new Safe. Second, you need to set the size for the Safe. Finally, you need to set a new password for the Safe. Then just click the button Create Now, ToolWiz Bsafe will create the new Safe and format it as a new disk. Please save the password you set for the new Safe and you will be asked to input this password when you try to open it. Read more Keep your computer system safety.

Open Safe If you already created a Safe, you can open it in the Mount Manager panel in the ToolWiz BSafe to access your data saved in the Safe. First, Click on the button Open Safe and then you will see the Mount Wizard. Second, choose the path of the file container and input the right password you have set when you create the Safe. Finaly, choose a drive letter which will be assigned to the virtual disk later. Then click on the button Open Now. If the password is correct, you will see the Safe be opened in the Mount Manager, also you can see a new disk in your Explorer.

Close Safe If you want to close a opened Safe, just select that safe you want to close in the list and then click on the button Close Selected Safe.

Note: Please make sure your files are not accessing by some applications before close the Safe.

The Virtual Safe feature in our another product ToolWiz Care is same as the ToolWiz BSafe. You can use any of them in your system. To usethe Virtual Safe in a good environment, we strongly recommand you to do the following things.

1) Change the Password of the Virtual Safe every few monthes.

2) Backup the file container of Virtual Safe every few monthes.

3) Do not install both ToolWiz Care and ToolWiz BSafe in the same PC.

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