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[Freeware] ToolWiz Remote Backup – No need install anything on the remote PC

Posted In Backup - Recover - By Techtiplib on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 With 2 Comments

ToolWiz Remote Backup is a freeware. With this free tool, you can download files from a remote PC and no need install anything on the remote PC.You can modify the sectors of the hardisk remotely. You can backup the MBR of remote PC and restore it when the system crashed.

Many people have watched the film “Transformers”. In this movie, if one car(Autobots) got damaged, another car can help it and fix it. Now, ToolWiz Care implemented a similar idea to your PC. If one of your PC got damaged, you can easily fix it with another PC just beside it. What you should do is just clicking some buttons in the Windows GUI.

Many of us have the bad experience of system crash with Windows. If you met this kind of system issue (eg. a endless BSOD) and can not enter your desktop, even the Safe Mode, the only way for you normally is reintalling the system. But as we know, reinstalling the system will destroy many files including photos, documents and other private files. Is there a way to copy these files out easily before reinstalling the system? Yes, ToolWiz Remote Backup now brings you a new network solution and you can try this new way to solve the headache problem.

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