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[Giveaway] BarracudaDrive – Imagine Your Own Private Cloud Server (MAC & Windows)

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What would you say if you could effortlessly set up a personal custom server that runs on your own hardware and where backing up your data is no problem? Enter BarracudaDrive, an easy to install file server that supports open protocols and allows you to access the server with any client (such as a browser) that supports the same open protocols. Since BarracudaDrive is exclusively hosted by you, it becomes your personal cloud, allowing you to store and access your files and appliances anytime from anywhere, but without the vulnerability inherent in third party web portals.

BarracudaDrive transforms your home or business computer network into a powerful and secure online storage system, letting you access and share files from any connected computer or device in the world.

Access and share inbound and outbound private documents, photos, videos, or other files, from your smart phone or tablet (Windows, Mac, and Linux on your own secure BarracudaDrive server.


  • Easily create your own multiuser file storage system, and share inbound and outbound text, photos, and videos with friends, family, or business colleagues.
  • Easily create and run your own website, blog, and forum without paying an outside firm to host it.
  • Ensure your online privacy and provide secure, unblocked, encrypted access to the Internet with our tunnel technology.
  • Automatically and securely distribute files of any size, even huge files, to any number of contacts via regular email.
  • Avoid ongoing and expensive service fees. Don’t “rent” when you can own!

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