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How to password protect USB flash drives on Windows

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How to password protect USB flash drives on Windows 7, Vista, XP and more? There are variety of USB flash drive models on the market. Some newer models support password protection feature themselves while others don’t.

Protect USB Flash Drive with Password

For those USB flash drives which support password protection feature, to protect them with passwords are not difficult. You can simply follow the instructions below:

1. Plug your USB flash drive into your pc
2. Select and open your USB drive from Windows Explorer
3. Create a new folder in your USB drive and make it as a private folder
4. Drag or remove all your data to this folder
5. Right click on the folder and click ‘Properties’ – ‘Sharing’, check ‘Make this folder private’ option and apply the setting. 
6. Now the folder is password protected. To access this private folder in future, you need only enter your Windows XP Login password.

You also can use folder locker free edition for protect your data and folders.

Protect USB Flash Drive without Password

For those USB flash drives that don’t support password protection feature, the above way is unavailable. To password protect such kind of USB drives, you need a third-party USB lock software. Kaka USB Security is one of the best solution for you. To secure USB flash drive with this USB security software, you need only three steps:

Step 1. Download and Install USB Security

Download USB Security and double click the “USBSecurity.exe” file. Then follow the installation instructions to install it on your USB flash drive.

Step 2. Protect USB Drive with Password

Set a strong password in the program to encrypt USB flash drives by advanced encryption technique. To make your password more secure, we strongly recommend you enter more than 8 characters mixed by numbers, letters and special characters.

Step 3. Access Password Protected USB Flash Drive 

You can access your protected data and modify them anytime. You also can unprotect and re-protect the USB flash drive in the future. To learn more details, you may visit Secure USB Drives with Kakasoft USB Security

You can visit home page to get more information:

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