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How to Recover Deleted Files from Android Phone SD card for free?

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AndroidPhoneSDCard User May Encounter

Android phone has become an important part in our life. It provides us great convenience in work, study and entertainment. Nowadays, wherever and whenever we want, we can make a deal or have fun on Internet without a cumbersome computer. However, Android phone also generate some annoying troubles for us. The most common situation is accidentally deletion of files from internal memory or SD card inside. When this happens, you must feel regret to delete without thoughtful consideration and wonder if there is software or solution to help you. Well, keep reading, and later you can get a good suggestion.

Common Misunderstanding in Deleted Files

Generally speaking, people hold the two kinds of misunderstanding in deleted files. One is deleted files are already pitifully erased from the hard drive or memory card. People can do nothing but back up their data, lest this tragedy happens again. Another view believes that data can automatically come back as long as users set them aside for a few days. This view mistakenly thinks that files deletion is just a temporary wrong operation and card system can fix it.

As a matter of fact, deleted files are neither gone permanently nor go back by themselves. They are still on your card or drive. But they are invisible to us. Only when new data are input to overwrite them, they will become irrecoverable 

iCare Data Recovery Free

After reading the above part, you must make it clear that deleted files can still be recovered. Third party recovery software will save your time as well as maintenance your cost when the software is free. iCare Data Recovery Free is a comprehensive data recovery solution, which can recover deleted or lost data from hard drive, removable hard drive, digital camera, USB drives, Android phone SD card, memory card etc. Just go to the home page to download the free version the next part will give you a guide to do SD card recovery. (See my last giveaway of iCare Data Recovery Professional and how to use iCare Data Recovery Professional)

A Tutorial for Files Recovery from Android Phone

Connect your SD card to your computer via a card reader. Or, you may connect directly your Android phone to computer. Launch the software on your computer. Then you can get a menu as follow. According to your case, choose the “Advanced Files Recovery” module. 

 1. Open iCare Date Recovery Softwaretech tips, tips, backup, recover, data recovery, freeware

2. Choose the SD card from the window, and click “Recover” button to start scanning.

tech tips, tips, backup, recover, data recovery, freeware

3. This software will show you a partition list when it searches all lost files. “Show Files” button will lead you to the next step.

tech tips, tips, backup, recover, data recovery, freeware

4. Click all files you desire to restore and click “Save Files” button to save them. 

 tech tips, tips, backup, recover, data recovery, freeware

Free download the software at:

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