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Know How Technology is Helping Your Employers Trace Your Employment History

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You must have heard about how prospective employers request your previous employment history and verify the same once you have submitted it. Have you ever wondered why exactly do they do this? Well, for starters, the most important reason is the fact that the prospective employer wants to ensure that you have the necessary experience to carry out the job that you are expected to with the new company.

Another reason why companies ask for your employment history is to ensure that they are recruiting an honest to his word employee for their future ventures. This is why it is recommended that you don’t lie on your resume when asked for your employment history. In all probability your prospective employer will contact the company is question and confirm about the same. Lying will ensure that you are not even called for the job interview. In case you are wondering how companies usually check the employment history of an employee, here are the 2 most popular ways to do the same:

1. Checking By Phone Or Email

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Most companies usually place a call to the phone number or send an email to the provided email id of the reference that you have listed in the ‘previous employment history’ section of your resume. The companies usually check for the authenticity of the fact that you had worked there and will also enquire about the duration of your employment, job description and reasons for discontinuing of the job. You might be asked to fill in a legal form for this purpose stating the employment history and fax it to the relevant department.

It is advisable that you provide the phone number of someone as reference who is presently employed with the company. While giving someone’s reference who has retired has nothing wrong to it, it will involve more hassle on the prospective employer’s part to get in contact with that person.

2. Hiring Third Parties To Check

Many companies prefer to outsource the task of finding out the authenticity of your stated employment history and thus usually outsource the same to other third party companies which specialize in these digging activities. The third party might be anything from a professional individual to a company which deals with similar matters.

The third party, once hired, will enquire about your job description in detail from your previous employers. This will range from something as simple as whether or not you ever worked there to extensive ones like what was the exact job description you had, the projects that you had undertaken, reason for termination, et al.

Just like your lenders check your credit history before approving your loan request, sites like are available to help employers identify any criminal records or identity verification of prospective employees before hiring them.

Employee record keeping and scouting can be an extensive procedure involving numerous nuances and other difficulties. It is recommended that you keep it simple and easy in your reference section in order to facilitate the process for your prospective employer.  

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