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News: Java was removed from the browser in the new update of OS X 10.7

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After installing patches for OS X Lion version 10.7 onwards, when the need to Java, the user will see the message “Missing Plug-in” appears on the computer.

This is a sign of Java has been removed from the operating system. In addition, Apple also removed the Java Preferences application always for the reason that this software is not necessary. However, after updating to the latest version of OS X, if required, the client can still download and install Java on your computer. 

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Apple’s action to help safeguard the company’s product before the software Oracle’s capital or attack. Earlier of this year, Mac computer manufacturers had to “headache” before a serious Java security vulnerabilities on OS X. The company has to constantly release patches to prevent the bad guys take advantage of this bug to exploit customer information. 

This is not the first time Java security alarm about the possibility. According to Slashgear, this product is one of the software be used by the bad guys and the most exploited. Last August, Java version 1.7 has been attacked to force Oracle to work with many companies to release fixes.

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