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Playing Online Games for Boys on an Android Phone is Fun

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The Android phone platform has established itself as a big player in the market. In a couple of short years, Android phones have come to challenge the once unassailable iPhone as a roper alternative. So it’s hardly surprising that you can now get plenty of online games to download on your Android platform as well as on the proprietary Mac one.

Online games for boys aren’t really only for boys of course – any more than the colour pink is reserved solely for girls. There are some great adventure titles out at the moment, some of them based on kids’ favourite cartoons. From action games to puzzle games; from adventure games to activity games – whatever you like best, there’s bound to be a brand new title out there with your name on it!

What’s fun, of course, depends on the mood you are in at the time. No one really likes just one kind of game. Some days are sports games days, other days are platform adventures. Most sites offering downloadable games for boys do so in a smorgasbord fashion, delivering a wealth of different categories to ensure their audience stays faithful. (try to play online Star Base Defense)

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When you think about it, that makes sense both for the site providing the games and for the boys who want to play them. After all, who wants to spend hours looking around the web to find the type of game he is into playing today; only to have to start all over again and find a different kind of site tomorrow? When one site offers all categories of games for boys, you only have to look once. Plus if you get the option to sign up for updates, you don’t even have to look for new games – you just wait to be told.

Plenty of the more popular online games are based on favourite cartoons and cartoon characters. Often they will take some of the playability of well-known classic games, legendary platforms or role playing adventures, and shoehorn new characters and worlds into them – which, for a downloadable game, is pretty much exactly what you need. Just as there are only seven stories in the world, so are there only a few good kinds of game. The best online games for boys simply repeat the successful formula with a fun twist appropriate to the character in question.

Cartoons make outstanding starting points for gaming. By their nature, cartoons are anarchic and colourful – two attributes easily discoverable in the majority of successful games. Plus the simplicity of a cartoon can lend itself very well to the graphical appearance of a mobile phone screen – meaning that when you play games for boys on an Android phone, you get clear pictures and fun worlds to explore, without losing any complex quality to the size of the display.

Some of the best Android games use the physical attributes of the phone too – for instance using the touch screen or orientation sensor to become part of the game play. By doing this the games in question become unique, and add a whole new fun dimension. 

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