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Steps to Secure USB Drives with Kakasoft USB Security

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Kakasoft USB Security is powerful USB protection software for all portable storage devices including USB flash drive, memory card and stick, thumb drive, jump drive, pen drive, external hard drive and more.

These steps below to let you protect your USB with Kakasoft USB Security.

Step 1: Download and Install USB Security

Download Kakasoft USB Security, if you don’t have license key you can buy on just $19.95 or joint the giveaway: free 20 license keys Kakasoft USB Security.

Double click the ‘USBSecurity.exe’ file and follow the steps below to install.

Click “Accept” button and go to the next step

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Choose the USB drive you want to secure

Plug in the USB drive and choose it from the drive list below. Click “Install” button and the program will be installed in the USB drive successfully.

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Once USB Security is installed in a USB drive, you may protect the drive in any Windows computer without installing it anymore.

Step 2: Protect USB Drive with Password

Open the USB drive. Double click “USBSecurity.exe” file to run the program.

Set a password to protect your USB drive

To make your password more secure, we strongly recommend you enter more than 8 characters mixed by numbers, letters and special characters.

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You may set a password hint in case you forget the password.

Protect the USB drive

Click “Protect” button and the USB drive is protected successfully. Without the password, people are not able to access the drive.

Step 3: Unprotect USB Drive

You may run USB Security to unprotect your USB drive or access your data in any Windows PC.

Run USB Security and enter the password

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Access your data

Click “Open in virtual drive” button and your data is unprotected to a virtual drive temporarily. You may access, copy or edit you data in the virtual drive. After that, click “Done” and the program will protect the drive again.

Unprotect the USB drive

Click “Unprotect this drive” button and the USB drive is unprotcted permanently. You need set a new password if you need protect it once more.

Step 4: Option Settings

You may reset password, enable Autoplay feature or change a drive icon anytime.

Open the “Options” window

Click “Options” button on the bottom left of the main window or select “Options” from the “Menu” dropdown list on top right of the main window to open it.

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Change settings according to your needs

Option 1. Reset password

You may change your password whenever you want. To make your password more secure, we recommend you to change password every month.

Option 2. Enable or disable Autoplay feature

USB Security supports Autoplay feature. You may set Autoplay settings by checking the options in the “Options” window. Once the autoplay feature is enabled, the program will automatically run immediately after you plug in the USB drive. This really saves your time.

Choose drive icon

You may choose another drive icon from the “Drive Icon” list.

You can read more how to password protect USB flash drives on Windows or visit home page to get more information:

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