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Tech tips: How to open or access your favorite folders

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Windows 7 provides a variety of ways and shortcuts to make your favorite folders quickly available. In this article, I will show you three different ways to make a folder easy to use (not to make a folder desktop shortcut).

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Way 1: Insert favorite folder in a custom toolbar on the Taskbar

Follow these steps:

– Unlocked the Taskbar
– Right-click an empty spot on the Taskbar
– Click “Toolbars/ New toolbar…

tech tips, tips, windows 7, access folder, favorite folder
– In the folder dialog that opens, select the desired folder
– Click the button “Select Folder
– A toolbar with the folder name will appear on the Taskbar  
– Re-lock the Taskbar if desired

tech tips, tips, windows 7, access folder, favorite folder

The toolbar for your folder is always on the Taskbar now, and it will available even when you have covered the desktop with open windows.

Way 2: Pin favorite folder to Start menu

With programs and other executable files you can easily pin to the Start menu from the right-click context menu but with folders you can not. However, there is an even easier way to pin folder to menu that is: drag the folder and drop it on the Start menu or button. 

tech tips, tips, windows 7, fast access folder, favorite folder

Way 3: Insert your favorite folder in Windows Explorer Favorites

Open Windows Explorer you will see an area on the left side for placing shortcuts to folders that you use often. The area is near the top of the left pane and is called “Favorites”. To add a link, just drag a folder from the right pane to the link area. To remove a link, right-click it and choose ”Remove”.

tech tips, tips, windows 7, fast access folder, favorite folder, windows explorer favorite

Another way: Open the folder, right-click the “Favorites” entry in the left pane of the open Explorer and choose “Add current location to Favorites” from the context menu.


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