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Tech tips: Useful shortcuts for OS X

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Mac users can shutdown or restart quickly using the shortcut key combination. In this article you can find useful shortcuts for you to use OS X.

Menu Power

Unlike the mobile Mac (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air), the source of the line desktop Mac (iMac, Mac Mini) is designed in the case. Instead of reaching back to find this key, the user can activate the Power menu Using the key combination Control-Eject on the keyboard. After a window that appears, you can press the Enter key to quick shutdown or three other options is restarted, Sleep and shut the window. 

tech tips, tips, OS X, shortcuts

Soft Shutdown 

Soft Quick Shutdown is a shutdown, but all data still be stored safely. To Soft Shutdown using the key combination Control-Option-Command-Eject. 

Hard Reset 

If your Mac crashes or you can not use the current task or want to get totally corrupted applications, you can perform Hard Reset by holding two Option and Command keys and press the power button to restart the computer. (To speedup your Mac see the article 6 Simple & Effective Ways To Speed Up Your Mac).

Rather Hard Reset, the user can select Hard Shutdown when your Mac crashes. To do so Hard Shutdown, keep the power button for about 5-10 seconds. The Hard Reset and Hard Shutdown should only be used as a last resort when other ways to no avail. 


Instead of shutting down or restarting the computer, you can use the Sleep feature.When in Sleep mode, your Mac is ready to continue to work and consume less energy. To switch to Sleep mode just closed the machine (for MacBook) or pressing Command-Option-Eject. 

Off Screen 

With Shift-Control-Eject, you can turn off the screen without off the system. In this mode, users simply press any key and the login screen will appear.

tech tips, tips, OS X, shortcuts

Also, if you do not want to use the keyboard shortcut, users can select the shutdown mode right in the home screen by clicking on the Apple logo ().

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