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Tips: Best Google Plus tips and tricks

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Here is a very useful list of the Best Google Plus Tips and Tricks. Google Plus is the new social network made by Google that’s growing very fast and now it’s a very complete platform for all your social needs. It will probably outrank Facebook in the future because of the top notch development and features available.

Google Plus offers a huge number of features and sometimes it’s not easy to understand or even know how to properly tweak settings and get the most from it. Default options are good if you are starting to use it, but they should be changed to get the best visibility, performance and social experience.

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Let’s have a deeper look to our Best Google Plus Tips:

1. The first thing to do is to go over your Google Plus account and change the notification options or you will get a lot of emails from Google+. Just select your preferred ones as appropriate.

2. Change your privacy setting is another important thing to do as soon as you join G+. Go to the profile and privacy settings and adjust properly.

3. Make your profile complete and professional, add images and videos (if available) and fill out the proper description and information.

4. Use asterisks at the beginning and end of your headline.

5. Set posts to public so everyone can see. By default they are not public.

6. Use Circles to set limitations between different groups of people you are following and use the Google Circle sharing option to share posts automatically.

7. Use sparks to search for something interesting or browse in the featured topics, you can also pin in the sidebar for future references.

8. Add new friends. You can find suggestions and follow them on the right side, check “You Might Like”.

9. Create and manage Circles. There are default Circles you can start using. just create new ones, modify or delete existing. Use them to better separate your friends.

10 Follow important and relevant people of your interest and add them to the proper Circles (better separate from other circles.

11. If you have photos with friends, just Tag them.

12. Share photos and ask users to comment or share them, this will increase participation and interest.

13. Choose a good Title and Description for your profile. If you have a website, this can be useful for SEO rankings as well. Choose the right keywords.

14. Add #HASHTAGS to be sure your content will be found easier and faster. If you add a Hashtag, the word becomes clickable and your posts can get a better relevance.

15. You can use Google Hangouts to setup and schedule conference and invite them to join.

16. You can  use Google Hangouts  as training system or to spotlite a new product with a demo. With “Enable Hangouts On Air”, you can now broadcast your live hangout from the Google+ stream, your YouTube channel or your website.

17. SEO: Start searching using your KWP (Keyword phrase) in Google Plus search.

18. SEO: Write up your post inside the Google+ Search area

19. SEO: Publish and make note the special link G+ gives you.

20. Grab a Google Local Plus page, make it nice (pictures, videos etc.), use the right keywords, include all info like business hours and website link. Use video testimonials. Link your website to your Google Local Plus page via vCard tags.

21. Promote and share your page using badges, buttons in your websites.

22. Enable social extensions in AdWords campaigns.

23. Check your ripples: Google Plus Ripples let you to see who is sharing your posts and how it has spread within Google Plus.

24. Use to get a Google Plus Vanity URL, this will look more professional.

25. Post at the right time: consider posting early and mid morning, lunch time and before / after 5:00 pm.

26. Use Google Analytics with Google Plus to see how much it’s converting.

27. Import your contacts from Facebook or email accounts.

28. Check this Google Plus link for the Best Google Plus tips.

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