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What Factors Affect How Easy an Android VPN Is to Use?

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One of the main criterion people use to choose an Android VPN service is how easy it is to use.  The problem is that defining an easy to use service is difficult.  Every service says that they are easy to use, but some are noticeably more user-friendly than others.  Fortunately, users can focus on several key factors which play significant roles in determining how easy a VPN service is to use.


The first factor to consider is the initial setup and configuration.  VPN service providers often offer multiple VPN protocols to choose from.  Depending upon the protocol, the setup and configuration process will vary.  If the user selects a protocol natively supported by the operating system, the provider should have detailed configuration instructions.  If the user selects a protocol not natively supported by the operating system, the VPN service must provide an easy-to-use set up and configuration software.


android, Android VPN, VNP serviceMost people overlook the role of downtime in determining how easy an Android VPN service is to use.  If the service isn’t available then it can’t be used.  Downtime doesn’t make it difficult to connect to servers, it makes it impossible.  It doesn’t matter how easy the rest of the service is, if it cannot consistently establish a secure VPN connection.

One-Click Connections

Depending on the protocol chosen by the user, the opportunity to take advantage of one-click connections may present itself.  One click connections make establishing a VPN connection as simple as possible.  Many quality VPN services will provide supplementary software which provides this function, regardless of the protocol they use.

Simple Server Switching

Another issue which affects how easy a service is to use is server switching.  Users switch server locations to accessed geo-restricted websites or increase their transfer speeds.  Regardless of why a user wants to change servers, the process should be simple and take only a few seconds.

Regular Connectivity Problems

android, Android VPN, VNP service

Assuming downtime isn’t an issue, there are a variety of potential connectivity problems to consider.  This is particularly true for users who want to use a VPN service with their mobile device.  Mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets, jump from one Wi-Fi network to another based upon availability.  This process often results in VPN connectivity issues because old connections are canceled and new ones are formed.  Quality service providers have gone to great lengths to develop new technologies and processes to circumvent this problem.

Slow Data Transfer Speeds

The final factor to consider when determining the ease-of-use of an Android VPN service is data transfer speeds.  While slow speeds don’t inherently make using a VPN more difficult, it does make it a hassle.  Most users will not use a secure connection if it becomes slow and inconvenient.  Additionally, it is a sign that the service provider relies on a poor VPN network infrastructure. This leads to excessive downtime and additional connectivity problems.

A VPN service is only as good as its users say it is.  This is accomplished by making the process as easy and hassle-free as possible.  By focusing on these factors, it becomes clear which service providers offer the simplest solution to a complicated problem. 


Daniel Legg writes articles about online security and the Android OS.  With an Android VPN, he can browse the web securely on the go. His articles help explain issues concerning technology and security.

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