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What new in Ubuntu 12.10?

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Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal code name) will be released on 18/10 here with the addition of many new features compared to its predecessor. Here are the features sure to attract the attention of users.

Web Apps

Web Apps feature integrated in the Ubuntu desktop favorite sites. This means you can get a new email, Facebook notifications via the notification bar of Ubuntu. You can also control a number of online music site from the Ubuntu sound menu. You can see the headlines from the top news sites in the notification bar. This new feature will dramatically change the way you use your favorite site.

Remote Login

Ubuntu 12.10 includes options log on to the computer running the Ubuntu operating system remotely. However, you need to install the Ubuntu login account on the remote computer if you would like to use this feature.

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Amazon and Ubuntu One integration in Unity Dash

From Ubuntu 12.10, when you search for music files, documents and applications in Unity Dash will get search results from Amazon and Ubuntu One. Canonical will earn revenue based on each hit (or buy) carried out through these proposals. Amazon integration has left many lovers of this operating system accused Mark Shuttleworth (founder of Canonical) has conducted commercial Linux.

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Unity Preview

One of the main attractions of the new Unity version 6.6 is Dash View feature.Previously, when you search for anything in Ubuntu Unity Dash, it only has an option to open with the default application. With Unity Preview, you can “preview” the search results in the Dash instead of opening it. When you right click on any file / folder in the Unity Dash, it will give you some information from the web or from the Ubuntu Software Center (if it is an application).

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Update Manger and Software Updater is adjusted

Famous Update Manager feature has been changed with pink new interface in the new version of Ubuntu 12.10. Not only that, the Software Updater features have been changed with similar features such as Update Manager, which provides the user interface other than a little less than its predecessor.

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After the test, you will receive notifications of new updates available in the interface similar to the Update Manager.

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Software Updater is an application in Ubuntu 12.10. The name change is seen as a positive step as it becomes clearer for new users compared with the Update Manager feature.


In previous versions, you can just search for additional drivers in the Unity Dash, but it has been moved to Software Sources in Ubuntu 12.10. There is an additional new Drivers tab in Software Sources. It will list all the drivers available for your system. Drivers provided by the hardware manufacturers and developers design optimized for Ubuntu.

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Full Disk Encryption

Ubuntu 12.10 also get full encryption features. While installing the operating system, it gives you the option to encrypt the entire hard disk and LVM (Logical Volume Manager). These two features are not supported in Ubuntu Desktop interface of its predecessor.

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When the hard drive is encrypted, you can access content stored within the keys declared, so the encrypted data will actually be safe if you leave your computer on the predator.

System Settings option

System Settings menu (upper right corner, wheel icon) has been changed to look better. It no longer hosts the updates that can allow you to monitor display options or application information. On the other hand, this feature also allows the user to select the option “About This Computer” to view the configuration of the system. You can also add a link to Ubuntu Help feature in the System Settings menu.

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