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Why should you engage the services of a translation service?

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Many online businesses have seen a considerable increase on their profit figures thanks to the time and money they have invested in hiring a translation company. They have realised the importance of a high quality translation of their products. Also, a website which can be viewed in more than one language is far more welcoming to new visitors who will be willing to stay longer on the site. However, should you be hiring a freelance translator? Or perhaps use one of those free translation programmes? (as Lingoes or check your grammar and spell with Ginger) Here are the main reasons why hiring the services of a translation service far outweighs the other options.

Quality of work:

translate, learning english, news,translation serviceA reputable translation service will often offer you a certificate of accuracy and a guarantee of the quality of the work done. Agencies have more than one native speaker of the language your want which means that you will be getting the right person for the right job. For example, if you require some Autocad drawing to be translated, you will be assigned a translator who not only will be a native speaker but will also have the technical experience required for this project. It is not enough to be just bilingual or to just translate English to Russian for example and the skills demanded of translators go beyond effective communication. Professional translator will make sure that the translated (you also use online dictionary for translate) work is presentable. 

Translation programmes maybe free but they just don’t cut it:

Translating is not just finding the right word in another language. It is the translator’s duty to make sure linguistic as well as cultural gaps can be bridged between people from different countries, backgrounds.  It may be that you need to make a business deal with a client from Asia and you are normally used to negotiate with European clients. Hiring a professional interpreter from an agency will ensure that you are using the right business etiquette of the target audience. An inaccurate, harsh translation could have devastating consequences and even end contact with your foreign partner. (If you use Android device I suggest you use free app Urban Dictionary – the dictionary you wrote for learning English).

Translation agencies other services:

Quite often, translation companies are able to offer additional services which may be of value to your business.   For example, it may be that you need your website translated from English to Russian. Translation agencies may be able to assist you in drawing up a plan and how to incorporate this plan into your current business or marketing strategy. With a wide range of qualified translators at your fingertips, you will be able to tackle new projects in which you may not have much experience with. Other services that some translation agencies offer are professional project management, free usage of Translation Management System and the creation of a free glossary for your future translation projects.

To hire the services of a translation agency may seem costly at first but if you really want to expand your business worldwide and see a significant increase in your sales and profits then it is a very good investment.  There are many online translation companies to choose from so make sure that you are setting some time aside to research carefully and find the one that meet your specific needs.

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Flora Andrino is a UK based multilingualwriter with 10 years experience as an interpreter. She writes regularly on a freelance basis for several major blogs.

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