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7 Interesting gaming apps in the Chrome Webstore

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The Google Chrome itself is a software and a browsing programme which serves the function of helping individuals and users to go around the world through the internet only. In addition, chrome is a dedicated application which serves the main purpose of helping users to browse the web and enjoy browsing the web. It is obviously known to everyone that this software is in existence as a result of the intriguing which the company Google Inc itself have. Having such knowledge, they develop a stunning software such as this Google Chrome which helps mainly in browsing the internet but only in browsing the internet, but in different ways and different specialisation which includes the gaming apps and the rest.

In the Google Chrome webstore, there are thousands of games and gaming apps which helps in the progression and enjoyment of whatever task is being carried out by each and every personnel using the browser. In addition to this, the gaming apps mainly conduct and perform the function of helping people to be able to conduct their browsing and surfing with perfect ease and productivity.

Here are lists of interesting gaming apps in the Chrome Webstore

Mini Ninjas

Join Hiro, the smallest hero on the biggest adventure, as he and his Mini Ninja friends embarks on an epic and electrifying quest. Experience console quality gaming in your Chrome browser! No discs, no fuss.

For the first time you can play Mini Ninjas, a console game, in your Chrome browser. Launch the game to join Hiro; the smallest hero on the biggest adventure, as he and his Mini Ninja friends embarks on an epic and electrifying quest. Set off on your adventures today armed with your mighty ninja training and magic.

Lord of Ultima

As an eager conqueror, the player settles down in this newly found land, set in the world of Caledonia and starts to raise his empire by developing his first humble village into a prosperous, highly customized capital.

To become the mighty and feared Lord of Ultima, the player must master the art of diplomacy and trade as well as the military activities of spying, plundering, attacking and sieging enemy cities.

 Lord of Ultima features in-depth strategic game play, extensive city building modes and multiple social features from an advanced trading system and alliance creation to online chat and forums.


Jump into Rango: The “world” to create your own character and join your pals as you set out to explore the dynamic world of the film, including the town of Dirt and its surroundings. Along the way you’ll encounter the colourful characters from the film, embark on quests, compete in mini-games and customize your own personal pad.

Apple Shooter

Are you confidence at your shooting skill? If not, you may not dare to play this game in your real life. But in the game Apple Shooter you can practice your shooting skill freely. Your task is to shoot the apple on top of the person’s head. Make sure you make an accurate shot each time, otherwise the person under the apple will die under your hand. Use the mouse to aim and hold the left button to for the strength.

Empire Awaken

Empire Awaken is the most mind blowing strategy game based on HTML5. In this medieval world, you maybe start up with a small town and you need to construct buildings, expand territory, develop technology, improve civilization, trade resources, build armies and pick their alliance to fight against enemy for 9 ancient artefacts in dominating the world of Empire Awaken.

Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes™ is EA’s popular 3rd person cartoon shooter.  So far, millions of registered players have enjoyed endless hours of signature Battlefield sandbox action in this fun, fast paced multi-player game with built in matchmaking to ensure a fair fight. See and get free game Battlefield Heroes

Galactic Tennis

Galaxy will hold the tennis tournament. As the representative of the Earth, you have to perform your best. Galactic Tennis is a skill game on Web Store in which your mission is to win the tennis competition.

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