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8 Apps to Download Free Movies & TV Shows for Your iPhone

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This is the age of mobility. People are almost always stressed for time, and spend most of their day chasing after it. The days of sitting in front of the TV watching feature length movies or lounging on the couch with a good read are long gone. Kindles and iPads take care of your thirst for reading on the go, and iPhones do the rest. One can go online and find websites for movies and TV shows and decide what they want to watch, like this site offers a range of satellite TV packages for the Latino community.

Once you have decided what you’re going to watch, you’ll need an application that allows you to download the particular movie or TV show to your iPhone. Here are some of the apps that allow you to do so for free.

1. Free Movies

Available through Cydia in the BigBoss repository, this application makes it ridiculously easy to download movies for free on you iPhone. With over a thousand titles listed on a clean and easy-to-use interface, Free Movies is the app to get.

It might take you to sites that require you to punch in a few numbers or alphabets to prevent automated downloads, and some sites might take a few minutes to load but the app is still in its early stages, although it looks like a solid bet for the future.


If you have ever felt the frustration of having missed an episode of your favorite TV show, like The Big Bang Theory or CSI, you would probably want to download’s new iPhone application.

It is simple, clean, fast and easy to use. The app allows users to scroll through different channels, then choose from a list of shows available from that channel and decided whether they want to stream the full episode or just a clip.

3. Crackle

Crackle is a fairly new application, with a collection that is yet limited, but they’re upgrading and they are doing it fast. It could do with a wider range, but it is one of the few apps out there that allows users to watch both movies and TV shows without the hassle of downloading a different app for each purpose.

Another great thing about Crackle is that it caters to non-English speaking people, though limited to Spanish and Portuguese users, just like this site offers a range of satellite TV packages for the Latino community.

4. Advance Live TV

This application has everything. You just cannot choose to ignore it. Advance Live TV takes your iPhone and turns it into a television set and gives users access to hundreds of TV channels from across the world. So, whether its movies, tv shows or sports that you’re interested, its all available on this application.

5. Cinema Live

Cinema Live is simple, classic and its excellent. It uses the most basic of interfaces, showing users posters of movies with a 5 star bar on the left of each poster that rates the movie and helps you choose which one you want to watch.

With a large collection of feature-length films from several of Hollywood’s most famous studios, Cinema Live is the app to download on iPhones for all movie buffs out there.

6. TVULite

Access to over thousand TV channels from across the world, available in languages ranging from English to Chinese to Farsi, Japanese, German and many more, is  what TVULite brings to the table for iPhone users. It features a user-friendly interface and the iPhone icons marking channels in the line-up is a great help in knowing which channels are the best to watch on TVU in terms of quality.

7. VLC Streamer Free

The VLC Streamer Free app allows you to watch movies and TV shows on your iPhone whenever and wherever you may be. Keeping true to their reputation based on their PC-based player, VLC have developed an app that runs movies and TV shows on your iPhone effortlessly and gives you a quality, hassle-free experience.

8. Direct Cinema

Direct Cinema provides an absurdly huge collection of movies straight to your iPhone. It’s an extremely easy to use device, with a very neat design that will make sure you’re never lacking of choices by offering a collection of over 1700 movies.

When our time is really no longer our own, and its next to impossible to sit down long enough to watch a movie or even a TV show, we need devices and applications that allow us to break what we watch into segments, and make the movies and TV shows available to us again whenever we find the free time.

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The author Donna Baxter has extensive knowledge of the showbiz world and is an avid fan, and critic of both movies and TV shows and can recommend such applications, and websites for user information like this site offers a range of satellite TV packages for the Latino community.

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