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A mobile phone locator to help you change the careless nature of your child

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Are you worried that your child will lose anything new that you buy them with? Kids do have this bad habit of acting careless and losing expensive things. But at least you should not act like a kid yourself. A mobile phone locator app by the name of StealthGenie is an amazing piece of technology that you would have never seen before. This app has the ability to locate your child’s mobile phone in case they lose it or forget it at a friend’s place.

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A stunning app:

A stunning app StealthGenie covers very less space in your child’s mobile phone and locates you with your child’s mobile phone location whenever you wish to know about it. You don’t even need to fear about your child losing their cell phone, along with that you can even keep an eye on them at all times by using the services of this mobile phone locatorIt takes less than 5 minutes of your time to install this app in your child’s mobile phone. What next? Now you can locate your child’s location at any time you want to and access their entire cell phone data as well.

Three simple steps:

Three simple steps need to be followed for you to avail the services of StealthGenie. Go online and sign-up for an account with your monitoring app first off all. Then download this app in your mobile phone. Now you simply need to use your log-in details and access your child’s entire cell phone data and locate their exact cell phone location whenever you wish to know about it.

Geo tracking:

The ‘Geo Tracking’ feature of StealthGenie helps parents locate their child’s mobile phone location whenever they wish to know about it. This feature works with the help of the GPS navigator inside your child’s phone. To avoid any hindrance with using the services of StealthGenie, you must make sure that your child is using none other than an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android smartphone.

Other facilities:

Other than the ‘Geo tracking’ facility, StealthGenie offers its users with the call logs, SMS messages logs, contact numbers, e-mails messages and even the messenger chat conversations of their children. This information is available to them as soon as they log-in to their online StealthGenie account.


Parents must act responsible and make sure that their children quit their habit of acting careless. Using the services of a mobile phone locator acts as a back-up for you in case your child misplaces their mobile phone somehow.

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