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Creative Web Design: More Than Just Being Functional

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Here is an interesting figure to start with: total number of active websites in the world is 366,848,493! OK, given this number your new website will be a small spec in the whole universe of the World Wide Web! So now do you realize the amount of competition that you will face in the market? Given this what must be your approach when designing your website?

Take a look at Wikipedia and what do you find? Is it really aesthetically pleasing? No, it is simply informative and highly functional and there are millions of other websites that fall in the same category! They are functional. One another interesting thing is that a website like Wikipedia barely has any competition! Your website however will probably have A LOT of competition. The point is you need a hand from web design Bristol firm Net Digital to give you a boost.

Stop and think

This is where you need to think. From day one you cannot become like Wikipedia and you will encounter immense competition. You will naturally look at various aspects of the website like information or content, navigation, links (both inbound and outbound), On Page and Off Page SEO and more.

This is essential but what you need to seriously consider is creative web design. This simply means that your website needs to be aesthetically pleasing while maintaining structural and functional integrity.

Aesthetically pleasing

What does that mean? Simple, creative web design is not merely putting all functions together, it is about making the website beautiful and catchy that the visitor will like. This mean, it is more than just design. Creative web design will generally include elegant colors with sleek designs. Very popular is Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is not just about glossy buttons and glossy headers and footers! It is about adding colors that will go well with the motive or the theme of the website. It is also about font selection. Remember that fonts to a great extent determine the readability of the website.

Being creative

Creative web design is about innovative designs – sometimes very bold and out of the trend but there are a few factors that must be considered seriously. It has been found that some websites, in an attempt to get aesthetically pleasing design end up creating something that looks very cluttered!

The designer has generally used too much graphics and animation that in turn increases the page load time. Remember, the longer a page on your website takes to load, the faster the visitor will move away to a competing website because web surfers have little patience.

Use J Query or JavaScript animation instead of Flash. Avoid using GIF or PNG images because they have more weight than JPG or JPEG images. Of course you should also put fewer ads on the page. Too many ads will be distracting for readers.

However, using ads is important and hence they should be used in strategic positions where they will not interfere with the actual content. With creative web design Bristol firms such as Net Digital the overall design concept changes where effort is placed on simplicity but with style that creates the ‘wow factor’.

Creative web design is not about dramatic presentation of colors, text and images. It is about something that is a combination of people-oriented and search engine friendly.

Ali Asjad is a Sweden based tech journalist who covers topics like Web 2.0, web design, and Search Engine Optimization. He also writes on freelance basis for web design Bristol firm Net Digital.

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