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FREE Blackberry game: Squirrel Story

Posted In Mobile, Blackberry - By Techtiplib on Friday, November 9th, 2012 With No Comments »

Jump from barrel to barrel and pave the way to the treasures.

Game features:

– Lots of enigmatic levels
– Gorgeous design and fresh colors
– Different types of barrels
– Wide selection of upgrades and items:
– Antidote, Antigiddiness, Antimud (decrease effects of negative elements)
– Antiobstacle (helps to get over obstacles)
– Extra jump (increases jumping high)
– Prices hike (increases number of tasty things)
– Resurrection (ability to restart the game from the last check-point)
– Squirrel power (increases jumping distance)
– Super slow down (slows down barrel rotation)
 Trajectory (shows squirrel trajectory)

One funny pretty squirrel wants to find treasure, and at first she needs a map. Her friend, sweet wood goblin helps her and gives for some delicious things (apples, mushrooms, nuts) one piece of map after each level, but first she has to collect these things and reach barrel, where he hides. So, she jumps, jumps and jumps, collects tasty gifts for her friend, diamonds and jumps again. But she needs to be careful, because there are some obstacles in the air, don’t let our marvelous squirrel die!

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For coins and diamonds squirrel can buy upgrades.

In premium version squirrel has 20 000 coins and 20 diamonds already.

Get free Squirrel Story for your Blackberry here

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