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FREE ebook: How to Get Web Traffic

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This guide is the first “all-in-one” marketing guide of it’s kind. I cover only the traffic techniques that are proven to work. That’s right, if it’s not in my guide, it’s probably not worth trying. You can eliminate hours of wasted time and effort on techniques that’ll leave you with more headaches than visitors.

How to get started

– How to submit your website to search engines and directories (as well as how to automate the process)
– Everything you need to know about article marketing (including how to outsource the work and the best places to submit your articles)
– How to take advantage of today’s social media obsession and make websites like Facebook, MySpace, and StumbleUpon work for you
– Everything you need to know about email marketing (everything from building a massive mailing list to creating interesting emails that people want to open) (Get ebook: Mailing Solutions 101The Ultimate Holiday Email Campaign)

– How to use blogs as an awesome source of targeted traffic (including how to create them from scratch and outsourcing tips)
– How to join linkwheels (and how to avoid being the victim of a scam)
– How to create hype with press releases (including how to outsource them, how to tag them, and where to unveil them to really get them noticed)
– How to use the staggering popularity of Yahoo Answers to your website’s advantage
– Useful tips on paid advertising and when you should and shouldn’t use it
– …and much more than I can list

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Download free ebook: How to Get Web Traffic – Free and other ways-Boost Your Rankings and Increase Your Traffic with Targeted Visitors for your Kindle Edition

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