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FREE ebook: How To Sell More Kindle eBooks

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could write a book, publish it, and watch your sales take off? Well, you can! With Kindle Direct Publishing, you can set up your ebook so that it works with you to increase sales. This ebook shares how to best utilize your book file and set up information to sell more books, and of course I cover everything you can do afterwards to grow your readership. It’s not hard, it doesn’t take hours and hours, and almost every step is free. Don’t spend time building email lists or writing newsletters when you can have fun, engage others, and build a fan base.

I share all the small, easy, tactical steps I’ve taken to sell thousands of ebooks every month and increase my sales month by month. You can enjoy the writing life and sell thousands of ebooks every month too.

How to Sell More Kindle eBooks offers tried and proven tips on cover design, formatting, Kindle set up to maximize sales, using your Amazon page and profile, social networking, gaining reviews and more. This ebook can guide you through publishing to Kindle for the best results, and it’s easy to go back through your set up information for published ebooks to best utilize the tools. This 50 page guide shares all my secrets for selling Kindle ebooks: everything I’ve tried, learned and succeeded with to increase my book royalties into an income.

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Download free ebook: How To Sell More Kindle eBooks

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