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[Giveaway] Get free CleanMyMac for 365 days

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Every Mac is full of files you don’t and probably will never use. These are caches and logs that have become outdated; leftovers of applications you have removed; localization files for languages you don’t speak; binary files to support multiple Mac architectures and many more. Clean your Mac from useless data and free up gigabytes of space in one click. It’s as easy as pie!

CleanMyMac is a versatile system utility!

Explore the main features of CleanMyMac and find out what it can do for you. Your feedback is what makes our application better, so we would love to see your suggestions for new features.


Cache Cleaner

Reset outdated cache files to zero and give your apps relief

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Cache files were originally intended to help content load faster. However, when cache files accumulate, they slow the browsing experience and waste disk space. CleanMyMac cleans your Photo Cache, User Cache and System Cache and speeds your browsing considerably

Logs Cleaner

Running out of free space on your Mac? Remove useless logs with a few easy clicks

Log files capture the activity of different applications and system services. These files clutter hard drives and use up valuable disk space. CleanMyMac finds and removes those log files that are no longer useful to the functionality of your applications.

Universal Binaries

Let CleanMyMac remove the burden of unused binary code.

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The Universal Binary symbol on Mac applications means the application can run on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. 
Many of these “fat binaries” will never be executed on your machine. CleanMyMac lets you delete these binaries.

System Junk

Your apps and the Mac OS create tons of ‘disposable’ files. Remove them in the blink of an eye.

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All types of software leave files that are useless for the functionality of the application, i.e. ‘development junk’. CleanMyMac instantly identifies these files and gives you the option of removing them from your system to help your computer run faster.

Quick Erase

Delete files and leave no trace.

Do you need a file shredder to quickly remove private files and leave no trace of their existence? You can do that securely with CleanMyMac’s Quick Erase feature. Want to make them impossible to recover? Just enable the additional Secure Erase feature.

Learn more features here

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