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How Can You Increase Conversion Rate On Your Website

Posted In Webmaster, Products Review - By Mike on Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 With No Comments »

People usually think that the job of internet marketing service providers is limited to search engine rankings and traffic. However, there is much more to it than just search engine optimization and handling traffic. The idea of conversion is considered to be even more important in present times. Experts have understood that it is important to integrate conversion techniques with search engine optimization and internet marketing services.

There is no doubt that SEO and internet marketing services play an important role. However, it is very difficult to manage traffic that lands on a website. In this article, we will discuss some basic techniques through which you can increase conversion rate and generate more revenue. There are some areas where conversion has scope for improvement. We will also try and understand these areas and how to use some genuine tips for improvising.

Techniques To Increase Conversion Rate On Your Website

1) Multiple Results – You should always make sure that a visitor who searches for something on your website can see multiple results. For example, you may list down 8 to 10 pages rather than listing just 5 pages. You should make sure that each page having that particular keyword should be displayed. This may result in a significant bump in conversion rate. Results may be exponential when you move to endless scrolling.

However, it is important to check that the page load speed is not affected in any way. A visitor won’t like to sit around and wait for a page to load. Reduced speed may result in a higher bounce rate which may have a negative impact on your sales. You should make sure that potential visitors do not leave your website due to slow page load speed.

2) Pricing – People usually overlook this aspect. It is important to present clear and easy to understand pricing. A potential visitor will be interested in pricing and a good pricing structure may encourage him to get converted into a buyer. A good pricing structure helps a visitor to take an immediate decision. Price should be displayed with every search result and product description. It is important to use a clear and bigger font for pricing. This will help in increasing your conversion rate.

3) Additional Information – Make sure you display all additional information related to special discounts, clearance sales, seasonal offers, coupons, special offers and limited stocks. You may also highlight certain matters of urgency like ‘offer stands till stocks last’ or ‘sale ends in three days’.

4) Content – Content plays a very important role in Ecommerce and SEO. You have to offer good and genuine content to keep a visitor interested in your website. Product descriptions should be informative and interactive. It is also important to place product descriptions, product images, price and reviews in one page. A smart customer would never like to switch pages often.

These are some basic techniques which may result in increasing your conversion rate. However, you should also pay attention to conversion testing, conversion optimization and online reputation management to get best results.

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