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New in Rapidshare’s policies: Unlimited download speed for all users

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Since today, free account public only 1GB of bandwidth / day. If I upload a 1GB file and up the link to the blog, only the first is unlimited download speeds, the rest have to wait until the next day to load. However, the new policy RapidShare has a clause caught my attention is that it allows you to share folders for the contact in the contact list and can freely download. So if anyone want to download my files without any restrictions, I just take them to the contact list is complete?


1. Overview of the two types of accounts on RapidShare.

Free Account:

Storage capacity: unlimited
Time exist: Account and data will be deleted after 90 days of inactivity
Group bandwidth: unlimited
Bandwidth public: 1GB/ngay
Bandwidth “host”: no limit

RapidPro account (to buy):

Storage capacity: unlimited
Survival time: unlimited
Group bandwidth: unlimited
Bandwidth public: 30GB/ngay
Bandwidth “host”: no limit

Explain a bit:

– Bandwidth heading: Unlimited -> all members in a group (add contact each other) can free download and share files within the shared folder. 
– Bandwidth public: the bandwidth load for those who do not have RapidShare account or account but not in the contact list of the file owner.
– Bandwidth “primary”: bandwidth for owners of files. This means that you are upload and download your files comfortably.

2. Features shared folder

This is the “emergency” for anyone bandwidth. I for example if you upload files up by me but do not download the entire bandwidth -> now you can contact me to get added to the list of contacts -> after I add you and grant permissions access, you can download the file without being limited in terms of speed and bandwidth.

To use the sharing features, all users must visit the “Account Overview”> click the Edit button in the” User alias “and” Folder alias “and then give them a name.  

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Now access the file manager go to “My Files”> select “File Manager”. At current page click “New Folder” to create a new folder. Window will appear:

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Type the name of the folder and select the folder:

Default: By default, files in this directory can be shared to the public
Private: The file in this folder just for you, no one can access
Shares: The files in this directory will be shared between the people in the contact list

To add contact you follow:

Access My Files window, click to My Contacts and click Add contacts now! Enter Name of contacts, email and click Add contacts button. You will see the contacts show in My Contacts. The contacter will be received an email to confirm to be added in your group.

cloud storage, internet, online storage, rapidshare, storage online, tech tips, tips

To allow contacts to download files in folders:

Access My Files tab, right click to folder name and click Privileges then select to type of folder is Shares and select the contact at the list show below. Click Save when finish.

 cloud storage, internet, online storage, rapidshare, storage online, tech tips, tips

There are more options “Public Access” and you also grant similar to the above, if you do not want anyone to access this folder in addition to those who have chosen the above, then you should leave “Public access”.

3. RapidDrive applications

RapidDrive will create a network drive on your computer, but it looks like it will not waste hard disk space, it’s just a list of files and folders is modeled as the server only, like SugarSync.

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