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Play free game Battlefield 1942 via Origin

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To celebrate the 10th birthday of the first person shooter series Battlefield famous and BatteField 3 Premium 2 million members, publisher EA has decided to offer free Battlefield 1942 players in the game. This is being sold for $ 13.99 on Amazon.

The reason Battlefield series created such a craze, so the manufacturers have successfully struck a chord desire: there is a “battlefield” large, multiple players, freedom of action, as well as most form of military hardware can be controlled. Main factors that Battlefield 1942 has proven to be the “real power” their side of the “giants” of the online shooter: Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament or Quake.

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Battlefield 1942 allows players to participate in the famous battle in World War 2. What makes Battlefield so unique compared to many of the titles of World War 2 was the scale with the size of it. Simultaneously support 64 players, allowing players to choose their nationality (Russia, UK, USA, Germany and Japan) as well as his role on the battlefield (doctors, spy, engineer … and each role has its own task to complete), there is a collection natural gas giant with 35 different vehicles from tanks to battleships. Battlefield 1942 deserves a scale of FPS games in the history of the game industry.

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To play FREE Battlefield 1942, you follow these steps:

Step 1. If you do not have an Origin account, you need to register yourself a free account at: 

Step 2. Download Origin at: 

Step 3. After installing and running the program Origin, you log into the account created above. 

Step 4. Select a game Battlefield 1942 and free download through Origin, though Origin is recording this is a preview version (demo), but actually this is the full version is 1248.11 MB. Now you just waiting for Origin to download and enjoy.

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