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Tech tips: How to create a presentation in Powerpoint Web app

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Use PowerPoint Web App to create an online PowerPoint presentation that you can work on or deliver from anywhere and easily share with others. If you have a Microsoft account like Xbox Live or Hotmail, you can start right now by signing in to SkyDrive and giving the presentation a name.

The PowerPoint features you’re most familiar with are in the web app. Start with a theme, pick from a variety of slide layouts. Add text and graphics. Add transitions and maybe some animation effects. PowerPoint Web App saves your changes automatically (in fact, there’s no Save button). If you change your mind about something, use Ctrl+Z to undo.

To see how the presentation is shaping up, go to View > Slide Show or Reading View. 

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If you need to do something more elaborate, such as insert a video, you’ll have to open the presentation in PowerPoint on your computer. In the web app, click Open in PowerPoint, near the top of the screen. 

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When you save the presentation in PowerPoint, it’s saved where you created it, in your SkyDrive.

Work with others online

With your presentation in SkyDrive, you can work on it with others. Send them a link, and they can work on the presentation in their browser or in PowerPoint. If you’re in the file at the same time, you’ll see each other’s presence.

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