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Tech tips: How to fix Error 403 in Yahoo

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The Yahoo! 403 Error is equivalent to the “403 Forbidden Unauthorized IP address” error. It indicates a problem with the proxy server (server that retrieves web pages) in that the information requested or data is not transmitting for one reason or the other. The “403 Forbidden” error appears when a web server does not permit access to a particular URL or web address. The actual Yahoo error is “Error occurred submitting sitemap to Yahoo!: 403”. It’s an error that occurs when trying to submit a site map to search engines. See How to Fix HTTP Forbidden Error 403 in Internet Explorer.

How to fix:

1. Submit your website to search engines once per week and not more. Submitting a site too often to search engines will produce a 403 error. This is the search engines’ way of informing you that you are not following the submission guidelines and that you are on the verge of being banned because of spamming.

2. Check the sitemap submission frequency. Most search engines allow weekly submissions only if you have added pages or changed your content. Yahoo! allows submission of updated websites once every 48 hours.

3. Disable Internet Explorer “Friendly HTTP error messages.” This will allow you to see a different error message, if one is applicable. Go to “Tools > Internet Options,” then select the “Advanced” tab and remove the check from the “Show friendly HTTP error messages” box. Close your browser and try requesting the page again.

Via Ehow

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