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Tech tips: How turn off annotations “distractions” on YouTube videos

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Comment on the video help authors better interpretation or advertising to the viewer, but if there are too many comments to appear will cause the opposite effect, creating discomfort. You can turn off the annotations by the x button, but each time to make such unwanted comments, then this is not the way or. If you want the footnote does not appear on the YouTube video, you have two ways to disable it.

How to remove anotations on videos:

Method 1: Use the YouTube settings

If you have a YouTube account, you can easily turn off the annotations appear on the video. Log in to the service, click your account name in the upper right corner> click Settings> open the Playback tab in the left column, or access directly from Then you find and uncheck Show annotations on videos > click the Save button to save.

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Method 2: Using extensions

If you do not have an account or do not want to log on to Youtube, you can use these extensions to disable annotations when watching Youtube videos.

With Chrome: You access: 
then click Add to Chrome> Add to install the add-on Youtube Options for Google Chrome browser.
With Firefox: access to address:
then click Add to Firefox> Install Now to install the add-on called YouTube Hide Annotations browser.
With Opera: Access address:
then click Add to Opera> Install to install extensions ExtendTube browser.
If the YouTube video on an external web service, you only need to install the script file named Embed Tweak to disable comments. Download and instructions installed at . Function off captions for YouTube videos is installed on the utility so you do not need to adjust anything else. 
Note: The above only works on annotations generated by YouTube’s video editing tools. 

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