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Windows Phone 8: What is a company account?

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Companies can create accounts specifically for Windows Phones that help keep the information on your phone more secure and provide apps or a Hub to help you do your job.

To do those things, a company account can offer any of the following:

– Company policies

– Company apps

– A Company Hub

Company policies

Most company accounts include a policy. A company policy allows your company to add safeguards to your phone, often to protect confidential or sensitive information. For example, your company may:

– Require a password of a certain length or complexity (this may require you to change your existing password).

– Encrypt your phone.

– Disable your storage card, if you have one.

– Remotely reset your phone to its original state (before you added anything).

You can find out what your company’s policy allows by talking to a support person at your company or checking your company’s support website.

Company apps

Companies can develop their own apps, which you can only get by adding a company account on your phone. A company might create apps for, say, campus maps, paystubs, or medical plan information that are useful all year round. Other apps might be for one-off events like company parties or a charitable giving campaign.

If your company has apps available, you’ll be given the option to download them as soon as you’ve finished adding the company account to your phone. If an app isn’t available until after you’ve already set up your account, your company can let you know how to get it.

Company Hubs

Companies can also create Hubs that let you get to all sorts of company information in one place—things like news, expenses, apps, or access to a company store.

Installing a Hub works the same way as installing a company app—if one’s available, you’ll have the option to add it once you’ve added your company account. If your company develops one later, you’ll be offered another way to get it set up when it’s ready.

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