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10 Best iPhone Apps for People Who Like Traveling

Posted In iOS devices, iPhone - By Techtiplib on Sunday, December 16th, 2012 With 2 Comments

This article lists ten different iPhone 5 apps that you can download if you are going on holiday or traveling. This article will benefit people who are going to a new place and who don’t want to get lost. This article talks about ways you can save money when visiting different locations and their attractions. If you read this article you will know what app is best to use when going on holiday, as well as at home, if you are looking to find somewhere new to visit.

1 – Yapta

This app is necessary when buying airline tickets with your iPhone 5. This app can save you time and money and, you can also keep track of your tickets too. You do not have to buy tickets from Yapta to keep track on tickets either. This application could also help you save money on your airline tickets, because it will show you when their fees drop.

2 – TSA

The TSA app is for the iPhone 5 and allows you to check what luggage you can, and cannot, take on holiday. This app is a way of saving time, because the last thing you want when you go on holiday is to be stopped by security. This app can also stop you worrying if you are unsure about an item you want to take.

3 – TextNow

TextNow is an application you can download to call and text people over the Internet on your iPhone 5; all you need is an Internet connection or are able to connect via Wi-Fi. It is good because you can speak to and text people all over the world.

4 – ITranslate+

Itranslate+ is a translation app you can download for your iPhone 5, which allows you to have a conversation with people who do not speak the same language as you. The app will translate it for you so you both understand each other. This app even shows the conversations in both languages in a textual format.

5 – GasBuddy

If you use GasBuddy, you will be able to find the closest petrol station to where you are–using GPS. You are able to find what you need, because you can search out set distances from where you are, and search out the price of petrol from where you are. Once you have chosen the station, this application will also give you directions to get there.

6 – Triposo

Triposo is a city guide application and is broken down into attraction categories such as sightseeing, family fun and markets, so that you can find exactly what you are looking for. With this app you can also keep log of where you have visited so that you do not see the same attraction again unless you want to.

7 – GoSelect

Most major cities offer city passes for different attractions around the town, however, if you only want to see certain attractions you can use GoSelect to make up your own city pass, and the more you choose the bigger the discount you will receive. It is important that you make sure you are able to use GoSelect in the city you are visiting before you go.

8 – Trip it

Trip it is an app where you can keep all your holiday information safe, so you are not worrying about losing it on your holiday. If you use “Trip it” you can keep all confirmation emails on it, and it will even show you information about your airline, flight times, seats, hotel information and contact numbers so you do not have to search through all of your paperwork to find what you need.

9 – Road Ninja

Road ninja is an app for when you go on a road trip and you need to find somewhere such as a toilet or petrol station. Road ninja will display the exit you need to take, and how it will be until you get to the petrol station or rest stop you require. You can also claim promotional offers from this app.

10 – Best travel offline maps

If you are on holiday and you want to find somewhere to go, instead of using GPS maps, you can download very good travel (offline) maps. If you do not use your GPS, it will not involve the expensive pay-as-you-go Internet charges.

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