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5 Apps to Lock Photos on Windows Phone 8

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This article share 5 free and paid apps for Windows Phone 8 to lock and protect your photos on your phone. These are the best Windows Phone 8 apps to lock your photos:

1. Lock and Hide:

Lock and Hide is a secure password protected vault for your photos that uses an album interface very similar to your Picture Hub. The app automatically do full encryption making it practically impossible to hack your photos. You can set your own key for protecting the photos. You can also take photos directly from the interface and add it to the vault.

2. Private lite:

Private Lite is an app to protect your contents which includes Images, Videos, Private Browser, Image Editor, Image Downloader and much more. The app has a pattern based locking and unlocking system to protect your photos and videos and other content.

3. File Locker:

File Locker is a data protection app specifically designed for Windows Phone. You can add albums and save images in it and each album can contain no more than 10 images. Keep your files classified using pin code and can reset pin code whenever needed. You can also delete images from photo gallery after adding it to file locker as file locker keep the encrypted file.

4. SecureIt:

SecureIt is a Photo Locker application that will allow you to lock away private or secret photos in a password protected and encrypted storage location. You can allow others to see your photo library without worrying about your private, personal photos. You can import your photos from your media library into SecureIt.

5. Vault:

Vault, is your personal locker where you can store all your important photos and do not need to worry about intruders. You can set your password for the vault and prevent anyone from seeing it.

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