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Append Text To Previous Snippet Copied Onto Firefox Clipboard

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Clipboard managers, whether for your desktop or for your web browser, usually extend the clipboard’s functionality to hold more than one instance of clipped text or media. Apps and extensions like that are great when you have to copy and paste a lot of text across multiple apps, and they serve as a useful temporary repository to hold text so you don’t have to repeatedly return to its source to copy another part of it. Append to Clipboard is a Firefox add-on that lets you append additional text to the previously copied clips using an option it adds to the right-click context menu. The add-on takes care to keep the option separate so that it doesn’t interfere with the default copy function. It recognizes the need to clip text independently and does not always append it to the previous clip. Currently, Append to Clipboard only supports text and not images or links.

Once installed, Append to Clipboard will add an ‘Append to Clipboard’ option to the right-click context menu. The option will add the selected text to the end of whatever you last copied. If you select a link, its anchor text will be copied and not the URL that it points to.

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The add-on is useful when you’re collecting information on a particular topic from multiple tabs or different parts of a single web page. As a common usage scenario, it can help you clip multiple phone numbers, emails and postal addresses from a single page. In a less common scenario, it can be helpful clipping information that is scattered on the page like references, name & background details.

Links are another thing Append to Clipboard should be copying because the default clipboard does so. The add-on also needs a shortcut key; going through the right-click context menu to clip or append text isn’t really the most convenient of methods. The add-on is very unlike most clipboard managers, but it fills a void that few other clipboard managers do; it lets you combine two or more clippings into one. To accomplish this in even the most sophisticated clipboard managers, you would have to paste each clip in a text editor to merge them.

Append to Clipboard isn’t for everyone; it isn’t a matter of personal preference here, rather it depends on what  you require from your browser for copying and collecting information. You should be able to use it with other extensions that allow you to copy multiple text snippets to get the most out of it.

Install Append to Clipboard For Firefox

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