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FREE ebook: CSS for Beginners – Learn to Tweak Your Website Design

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Most websites you visit use cascading style sheets (CSS) for everything from fonts selection & formatting to layout & design. Whether you are building WordPress sites or traditional HTML websites, this book aims to take the complete beginner to a level where they are comfortable digging into the CSS code and making changes to their own site. This book can teach you how to make formatting & layout changes to your own website.

The book covers the following topics:

Why CSS is important

Classes, Pseudo Classes, Pseudo Elements & IDs

The Float property

Units of Length

Using DIVs

Tableless Layouts, including how to create 2-column and 3-column layouts

The Box Model

Creating Menus with CSS

Images & background images

The hands on approach of this book will get YOU building your own Style Sheets.

Also included in this book:

Over 160 screenshots and 20,000 words detailing ever step you need to take.

Full source code for all examples shown.

Video Tutorials

The video tutorials accompanying this book show you:

How to investigate the HTML & CSS behind any website.

How to experiment with your own design in real time, and only make the changes permanent on your site when you are ready.

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Get free ebook CSS for Beginners for your Kindle Edition

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