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FREE online schedule with WhenIWork

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WhenIWork is a free online employee scheduling service which you can use in order to easily manage work schedules, notify your employees about their shifts, and publish short notes about the tasks and assignments that they are expected to complete once that they come to work. Workers can be notified via SMS and they can manage their work schedule online, punch in, send requests for time off, and so on.


  • Easy and simple to use employee shift scheduling service.
  • Send work invites and notifications about work to your employees.
  • Notifications can be sent over email or text messages.
  • Employees can report in when they get to work, punch in.
  • Monitor and keep track of overtime and payroll expenses.
  • Free to use for up to 5 employees, upgrades available for more users.

How to use WhenIWork?

First thing that you need to do we already mentioned, registration and after that creation of your profile and the list of workers that you wish to manage. Once you do that, in the top menu you need to click on the Scheduler option.

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List of workers will pop-up and next to each one of their names you should see a box for each day of the week. When you click on that box another window should appear where you can actually setup the work schedule for that day.

 internet, office tool, tech tips, tips, useful website, online schedule

Here, you can of course enter the start and end time of the shift, break time, set the position which needs to be filled during that time, in case it’s something different than usual, write notes, and so on. When you’re done with setup, you can click on either the Create button to just create the schedule or Create & Publish if you want it created and to notify the employee for whom you’ve been creating the schedule.

Access WhenIWork home page:

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