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[Freebies] Try AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager and get FREE license key

Posted In Utilities, Freebies - By Techtiplib on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 With 1 Comment

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager is a professional and powerful dynamic disks and dynamic volume manager for Windows system. It allows you to resize a dynamic disk, shrink dynamic volume, move volume slice, extend system volume and also support adding drive to RAID, removing the drive from RAID and converting dynamic disk to basic one. The detailed features are as follows.

Dynamic Disk Manager


  • Dynamic Volume Management
    • Resize dynamic disk or volume without losing data
    • Extend system volume on dynamic disk
    • Shrink dynamic volume
    • Move volume slice to change the location of volume
    • Create, delete, format dynamic volume
    • Change drive letter and change volume label
  • Disk Converter
    • Convert dynamic to basic disk with NO data loss
    • Convert basic disk to dynamic one safely
    • Convert GPT to MBR disk and ensure data security
    • Convert MBR disk to GPT for over than 2TB volume
    • Initialize disk as MBR or GPT style
  • Step-by-Step Wizard
    • Create Volume Wizard
    • Add disks to software RAID to expand capacity
    • Remove disks from software RAID
    • Move Volume Slice Wizard
  • Additional Features
    • Support MBR and GPT disk
    • Handle up to 5TB dynamic volume
    • Support up to 256 disks within one system
    • Support IDE, SAS, SSD, SATA, SCSI, USB external disks, etc.
    • Support FAT, FAT32 and NTFS file system

Download and try by this link: 

Note: All of the operations cannot take effect unless you type in the license! 

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