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[Freeware] Areca Backup – A personal file backup software

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Areca-Backup is a file backup tool that supports incremental, image and delta backup on local drives or FTP servers (See more about FileZilla Client -The free FTP solution). Areca-Backup also allows you to browse your backups and navigate among different version of the files contained in your archives.


Archives compression (Zip & Zip64 format)
Archives encryption (AES128 & AES256 encryption algorithms)
Storage on local hard drive, network drive, USB key, FTP, FTPs (with implicit and explicit SSL / TLS) or SFTP server
Source file filters (by extension, subdirectory, regular expression, size, date, status, with AND/OR/NOT logical operators)
Incremental, differential and full backup support
Support for delta backup (store only modified parts of your files)
Archives merges: You can merge contiguous archives into one single archive to save storage space.
As of date recovery: Areca allows you to recover your archives (or single files) as of a specific date.
Transaction mechanism: All critical processes (such as backups or merges) are transactional. This guarantees your backups’ integrity.
Backup reports: Areca generates backup reports that can be stored on your disk or sent by email.
Post backup scripts: Areca can launch shell scripts after backup.
Files permissions, symbolic links and named pipes can be stored and recovered. (Linux only)

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Download free Areca Backup here

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