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How to Mark Edits in Google Docs

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Google’s free Docs online office application suite is handy for maintaining documents that are shared and edited by multiple users. While early versions of Google Docs did not include a revision tracking feature, the current version of Google Docs automatically saves a history of all edits that are made to the document. You can view edit marks in Google Docs by opening your document in revision history mode.

1. Navigate your Web browser to the Google Docs website at and log in with your Google username and password.

2. Click the document whose revision history you wish to view.

3. Click “File” in the Google Docs menu bar and click “See revision history.” Your document will open in another window with changes marked by user and revision session.

4. Click a revision session in the “Revision history” pane to highlight all changes that were made to the document during that revision session.

5. Click “Restore this revision” in the “Revision history” panel to revert your document to the currently active version of the document.

6. Click the “Show more detailed revisions” to break the revisions down at a finer level of analysis. Each individual change that was made is listed in chronological order in the “Revision history” pane, as opposed to each aggregate revision session.

Via eHow

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