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New Trend in Mobile Phones and their Features

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The most popular device among people today, is perhaps the mobile phone. A smartphone with advanced features is no longer a fancy, but a need. If you are planning to buy a phone this season, you can check the following, latest trends in the mobile phone market to help you with your smartphone hunt. 

1. Advanced and Upgraded OS

A smartphone without an efficient OS is difficult to use. For an effortless user experience, phones should be powered with the latest Operating Systems.  It lets you, use a number of Apps easily on the mobile phone and arrange icons seamlessly on the screen. Android Jelly bean and Apple’s IOS 6 are two of the advanced Operating systems. Some of the phones with advanced OS are Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple iPhones, HTC Droid and Motorola Droid.

PPI claims, mobile phone, news2. Phone with Quad-core processors

Quad-core processors give your phone, a smart-edge technology for improved performance for a variety of actions such as intense computing tasks, playing motion and video games, better battery life and so on. HTC One X and LG Optimus 4X HD are some of the phones with Quad-core processors.

3. Cloud computing on mobile

Mobiles now let you to manage, store and process data to the cloud. You can now upload your pictures, documents and files safely to the cloud, which can be easily retrieved afterwards by the web browser of your phone. Various smartphones from Apple and Android are on the way to include this feature in their phones.

4. Large Screens

A phone with a larger display is an obvious preference over the ones with smaller screens. Large displays allow better visibility and more space for different apps and icons to be displayed on the screen itself. It is also a pleasure to watch movies and videos on a larger screen. LG Optimus Vu, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC Windows Phone 8X and HTC Droid DNA are good examples in this category.

5. Cameras and Projection

Cameras with advanced features are gaining high recognition in the mobile phone market. Better picture quality, face recognition, ability to flash a snap in dim light, dual cameras- front as well as back facing cameras are some of the major attributes expected in any smartphone. Samsung Galaxy is with 8 megapixel rear camera that can shoot pictures even in low light with great picture quality. Apple iPhone 5 and HTC One X and 8 X phones are also good options.

The ability to project, pictures, presentations and videos from your smartphone without connecting to any external devices like projectors and computers is a much coveted feature. Samsung already has a few phones to be included in this category.  

6. Gaming

The ability to plat the latest games is another option that people look for, in their phones. Gaming requires synchronisation of various buttons and keys and a phone that can offer good control while playing is always a preferred option.  Sony Xperia has a great feature ‘Xperia Play’ with controls over the PlayStation.

7. Low cost of Smartphones:

It is not possible for all people to purchase a high end phone. For them, there are cheaper versions which have many, although not all of the attributes of their expensive counterparts.

Nokia Lumia 610 and ZTE Orbit are two of the revolutionary low cost smartphones. MotoLuxe and Sony Xperia U are also good examples.

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