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Top Financial Apps to Raise Funds for Your Business

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Two of these apps are primarily focused upon getting money for a business, and the other two are focused upon getting money for charity. If you have a business then raising money for charity via these apps may be a good way of gaining positive publicity. If you are looking for ways to raise money for your business then the IndeGoGo or Kickstarter apps are probably for you. The truth is that there are not very many genuine apps out there that are actually likely to fund your business. There are few people who are willing to invest in such risky ventures, and there are very few people who are willing to set up apps in order to allow other people to gain funding. There is also the fact that many of these types of apps are abused by criminal elements who are just looking to con people out of money. This article contains four apps that have (so far) not been proven to be criminally based or scams.


This app was created by Lance Ivy and is geared towards finding finance for creative ideas. The trouble with creative ideas is that they are very subjective in their appeal. This means that they are unpredictable and therefore hard to finance. This app makes life a little easier by pooling the money of lots of people and organizations. There are some people that find rather large amounts of money from this app. It brings together all the people who are looking for financial support and connects them with people willing to invest. The fact that this organization has been running since the year 2009, shows that it is one of the few fund raising apps that is not here today and gone tomorrow. It is good at encouraging creative and innovative minds to try their luck and live their dream.

As you can imagine, you do have to sign up to join, as well as pledge some money, which will go towards funding your project. The idea seems to work, and if it were a scam then surely it would have been closed down by now.


Firstly you must open your free account. You are then able to build account pages and add images and videos onto it. Now let’s say that you are fund raising for a certain cause and you have an event in mind. You can turn your account pages into a sort of advert for your cause. You can turn your account pages into project pages to show the world all about the cause you are taking up.

Charity Miles

With this app you have access to corporate supporters, contributors and private sponsors all in one place. You can download this app from the Internet and collect funds by doing walks, runs or biking. Just so long as your cause is genuine. If you show that you are committed to your cause and you rally enough people then you can pull in some money from the app–for your chosen charity.


This is an app for people who want to donate and people who want to raise money. You can sign up to be a donor/sponsor and pay money into the app to help a number of charities, or you can be one of the fund raisers who organizes events and then gains sponsorship from the donors/sponsors of the app. There is also the possibility of updates via your app–on who sponsored your cause. It will also allow you to post pictures and updates on Twitter and Facebook, to show people how your fundraising efforts are coming along.

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