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Types of connections in Windows Phone 8

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Here’s a quick list of terms for different kinds of connections on your phone.

Data connection – A connection your phone uses when you do things like browse the web, use email, chat using instant messaging (IM), use apps that require an Internet connection, and more. There are two kinds of data connections—a cellular data connection and a Wi-Fi connection.

Cellular data connection – The connection that your phone uses to send and receive data over the air using your mobile operator’s cellular network. How much you pay for the data you use over this connection is determined by the data plan you have, which is part of your service agreement with your mobile operator.

Wi-Fi connection – The connection your phone uses to send and receive data over a Wi-Fi network that you can connect to when it’s available. Some Wi-Fi networks are secured and may require a password to connect. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network can help reduce your cellular data usage.

Cellular network – The network that your phone uses for data, phone calls, and text messaging. This network is managed by your mobile operator.

Roaming – Any connection your phone makes to cellular networks that aren’t owned by your mobile operator. Depending on your phone plan, you might pay more when roaming.

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