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Why Major Tech Cities to Get High-Speed Internet and Secure Cloud Services for Startups

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The world is changing and so are the demands of the people living in it. Thanks to the technological revolution seen in the last few years, we are now breathing in a better world. However, our demands are also constantly increasing.

Ever since the invention of the internet, people have been demanding for it to get better. Heavy websites, such as video sharing websites like YouTube require a good internet connection for people to watch a high quality video without any disturbance. 

Additionally, there are several other applications (Skype etc) that need a high-speed internet connection to work smoothly.

The government has highlighted the importance of a high-speed internet connection, especially in the ever changing technological world. Big names like Google, Amazon and Huawei are interested in investing big money for further development in the field. However, for that they need cities that are developed enough to accommodate their needs.

The Need

As understood, investment is good for every country. However, in order to attract it one needs to offer a strong infrastructure. Investors only come when they see a good future.

The government is trying to keep everything in a balance to encourage a stable economy. Everything from rent prices to the availability of the internet has to be taken care of. There is a need to meet people’s demands and provide them what they are looking for.

What’s Next

Companies all around the world are coming up with new and better concepts to improve internet facilities, especially in major tech cities. Tokyo and Paris have already received great upgrades with secured interned connections.

In London, too, a new network (The Shoreditch Network) was recently launched that has met with great response from all corners. It promises to provide high-speed fiber infrastructure and secure cloud services to businesses in East London.

This is a right move in the right direction as it will give the businesses an opportunity to grow while attracting more investors to start business in the region. Internet in the US is not at the highest possible level, as everyone is demanding for better and cheaper connections. Work on improving its quality is continuing with great things expected in the future.

Why Faster Internet?

The need for a faster internet connection is there. This is why such big names are working towards providing it. However, why one would need faster internet is something that some people often fail to understand. 

It is known that we never stop demanding. We always want something better than what we already have. However, in this scenario, a faster internet connection is not just a want, but a requirement. With a better internet connection, everything will be done quickly and more smoothly.

MNCs have offices all around the world. They need a high-speed internet connection to easily send messages and information. Video conferencing is also very common now thanks to applications like Skype. All this is not possible without a high-quality internet connection.

If the speed is bad, there will be distortion that may impact the companies very negatively.High-speed internet connection is just fulfilling the demand of people who are always on a lookout for better options.

Why Secure Cloud Services?

Many people think that the internet is not safe. Many companies and individuals shy away from putting their data on cloud networks due to the risk of it reaching unsafe hands. It is very important for all the data to be safe as anything reaching unsafe hands can be disastrous.

Companies need to put their files on the cloud so that they can be accessed from other location. However, they will never do so if the cloud service does not have the necessary security. This is why major tech cities are finding ways to have secure cloud services.


It is clear that there is a dire need to have a high-speed internet connection with secure cloud services. The government and several organizations are working hard towards stabilizing and strengthening our economy for which such facilities are required.

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