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Women sought Pinterest for Christmas gifts

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Christmas is upon us. With all the sales on your favourite clothes, makeup, accessories, gadgets and other products that you must have been adding to your list all year round; the anticipation of finally having them in your possession triggers the shopping frenzy in the atmosphere. The list previously handwritten has now been translated into digital form. Now shoppers prepare their list and upload it on their social network accounts for everyone to see – not exactly everyone, but especially your family and friends, so that they know what you want for your Christmas. Buying gifts for your loved ones can be a Hercule’s task. So, in order to make a list of your gifts, go online and explore your options there. 

Pinterest is taking the lead in this regard. Thousands of Americans have pinned photos of their favourite perfume, book, clothes, jewelry, gadget or other items; suggesting their family and friends gifts they should buy for them. Their manner of suggesting gifts for themselves may not come across as subtle, but even if you don’t agree, this does make your life easier to pick and choose the gifts your loved ones would like. It has been reported that this trend is emerging from the US, where one in five American women use Pinterest on daily basis. They use hash tags such as, #Christmas, #gifts, #Iwant, #shopping to give hints to their partners, family and friends.

However, this trend is gaining momentum and women across continents are also opting to suggest to their family through social networking. Among them British, Dutch and French women are  the most prominent who are also tagging photos of products meant for online browsing and shopping, which is becoming the preferred method of shopping in developed countries. In another survey of a similar kind, it was found that one-third of 3000 women – who participated in the survey – would prefer to take ideas from social network sites that to spend hours and hours in shops to decide. The survey revealed that online shopping has become the preferred way of buying gifts for women to accommodate their busy routines. According to the statistics found, 60% respondents (all women) use Pinterest to collect ideas for gifts, which they would later buy online.

These are figures for 2012 – when compared to the popularity of Pinterest, which increased with 2.5 million users in second half of 2011 – is quite high. The most popular choice for gifts among women has been lingerie and gadgets. Thus, social networking has revolutionized the whole concept of festive season and exchange of gifts – making it easier or mechanical, depends on your perception.

However, you should be careful while placing orders online or accessing your social netowrk accounts from your smartphone, as there are high chances that your device may get infected from cell phone spyware from any unsafe site you access. 

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