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5 factors to consider when choosing a DSLR camera (DSLR)

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DSLR cameras are the heavyweights of the photography world. Point and shoot cameras and Smartphone cameras are incapable of matching the quality of photographs taken by a DSLR. However, the feature set and specifications of DSLR cameras can vary, making some DSLRs better than others.

This article will detail 5 factors to consider when choosing a DSLR camera.

#1 – Megapixels

Megapixel represents the resolution of a photograph. Photographs taken with a high megapixel camera are higher resolution than photographs taken with a low megapixel camera. These higher resolution photographs are usually better quality with sharper image quality and more accurate colors.

Megapixel counts can vary on DSLR cameras. Some may capture photographs at 10 megapixels while others are able to capture photographs at 20 megapixels or more.

Make sure to choose a DSLR with a high megapixel count to ensure the best photograph image quality.

#2 – The Feel

Some DSLRs are heavy while others are light. The shape of a DSLR can vary, too, making some easier to hold than others.

Make sure to pick up and play with a variety of different DSLRs in person to discover which model feels most comfortable in your hands.

#3 – Menus

DSLRs have hundreds of different settings that can be tweaked to drastically change the look of a photograph. Light levels, aperture settings, focus, shutter speed, and more can all be altered to help capture the perfect photograph.

Each DSLR manufacturer has taken a different approach when designing the menus used to access these settings. Discovering which is best will differ depending on the individual. Some may prefer Canon menus while others may prefer Sony or Nikon menus.

Make sure to experiment with a variety of different DSLRs produced by different manufacturers to discover which menu system suits you best.

#4 – Lenses

DSLRs differ from compact cameras in that they use removable lenses that can be swapped out to change the look and feel of a photograph.

Macro lenses can be used to take close up photographs while zoom lenses can be used to take photographs of distant objects and landscapes.

Most DSLRs come packed with a kit lens. This lens can be used to take close up photographs while also providing a zoom feature for distant photographs.

Make sure to purchase a DSLR that comes bundled with a high quality, versatile kit lens.

#5 – Image Stabilization

Many DSLRs come packed with special technology called image stabilization that helps to compensate for any vibrations or hand movements made while taking a photograph. This leads to higher quality, sharper photographs being taken.

Make sure to purchase a DSLR with image stabilization built in. It’s important to note that the name of this technology can vary depending on the manufacturer. Common names include ‘image stabilization, ‘vibration reduction’ and ‘optical stabilization’.


Modern day DSLRs are easy to use and take incredibly high quality photographs that are sure to impress. Currys, one of the largest electrical superstores in the UK, has over 1,200 stores with dozens of DSLR cameras available to purchase. Knowledgeable sales staff will also be able to provide assistance when comparing different DSLRs. Make sure to visit your local Currys to experiment with a variety of DSLRs in person to find the one that best fits your needs.

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