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7 steps to Add a URL to Google

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So many people use the Google search engine that thousands of people use “google” as a verb. If you want your website seen by lots of people, you’ll want to make certain people can “google” you. Follow these steps to add your URL to Google.

Step 1: Visit the Google home page. Select “About Google” from the bottom menu. Under “For Site Owners,” click on “Submit your content to Google.” Then choose “Add your URL to Google’s index.” Enter the URL for your home page or main page starting with the “https” prefix. For example, “”

Step 2: Find the best keywords for your website to list in the comment section. The best way to do this is with a keyword selector tool like Keyword Discovery. Enter one to three words that best describe your web page, and look for the number of hits returned. At least 100 hits is a respectable number. List the best keywords for Google.

Step 3: Type in the squiggly letters that you see. Even though Google states that this is optional, doing so lets them know that you’re not a software robot.

Step 4: Understand that submitting your URL is no guarantee that your website will be added to the Google index. Increase your chances by making your site more Google-friendly. You must sign up for a Google account to use the Google webmaster tools.

Step 5: Check that all links and html information works and looks like you want it to. A good way to test this is by checking your web pages with different browsers, including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Mozilla.

Step 6: Include a sitemap with your website. This is not only helpful to users, but Google uses URL sitemaps to increase searchability.

Step 7: Consider other available Google tools like Google Base. Google Base is a place to submit online or offline information about items. Use the web form to describe your information in an interesting but informative way.

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