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Benefits of using VPNs

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The increasing frequency of news stories regarding breaches of business and personal data is prompting organisations and individuals to change the way they protect their data. Every year thousands of people find their personal information stolen due to unsafe surfing practices. Even using an anti-virus or firewall program doesn’t protect individuals or companies against interception of personal data once it leaves the computer.

Both companies and individuals are turning to VPNs as a cost effective and efficient way to protect themselves online. There are many benefits involved in investing in a VPN for both groups, some of which are outlined below.

VPNs for businesses

Cost savings

A VPN provides cost savings, which is essential in today’s climate. They can eliminate the need for expensive long-distance leased lines. Instead of using these a VPN uses much cheaper local leased lines or broadband connections to an ISP. Using the internet as the main communications line is a much cheaper alternative. Support costs are also much less as organisations can outsource the needed support from professional third-party service providers.



Flexibility is a major factor in using a VPN service. The ease and speed of using this system instead of leased lines means that VPN is an ideal choice for those looking for flexible options. Companies using VPNs can easily change the number of sites in the VPN when needed.

High speed broadband

VPNs allow mobile workers and telecommuters to take advantage of high-speed, broadband connectivity, when gaining access to their corporate networks, providing workers significant flexibility and efficiency. As a business grows and expands to open new locations, a VPN service such as IVPN is a fast, dependable way to share information.

Remote access

Remote access is a major benefit. A lot of workers want to access information away from the office and to be able to work from home. A VPN service means remote access is possible, increasing the productivity of the business. Therefore, corporations are able to add a virtually unlimited amount of capacity without adding significant infrastructure.


If staff are able to access the company intranet over an existing connection as if directly connected, this is important for productivity, and saves commuting costs and time for businesses. This also reduces stress for staff who may have forgotten to download an all important document and can gain access to the intranet when travelling and using a laptop. VPN enables remote employees to work together through desktop sharing.

VPNs for personal use

Enhanced security

The most obvious benefit is enhanced security, as encrypted data can be sent over previously unencrypted networks. It is in theory creating a private network of communication over an existing public network.

Protecting privacy

Everyone is worried about online security, protection of personal information and the consequences of being hacked. By securing all internet traffic, users have peace of mind that their privacy is protected. With the increased use of WI-fi outside of the home, individual users use VPNs to prevent hackers from accessing their private details.

Using a VPN at home or even in the workplace is a common way of getting around ISPs and service providers blocking certain websites, such as Facebook and streaming sites.

Providing anonymity

An increase in monitoring by governments means that freedom of expression, especially over the internet will potentially be severely limited. A VPN service will provide anonymity and protect essential freedoms given by legislation.

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